Benefits of babywearing!

Benefits of babywearing!

Why babywearing? The Benefits of babywearing!

From the moment they are born, babies need a lot of love, closeness, security and safety. These basic needs are deeply rooted in us and have developed over millions of years. Nothing epitomises this primal need better than the practice of baby wearing. A baby carrier can therefore be a great support in meeting your child's needs and has many benefits.

The origin of baby wearing - humans are born to be worn!

Why do babies and children have the need to be carried? The answer lies in our very nature. In contrast to many other mammals, human babies are underdeveloped and extremely helpless at birth. They are born with an immature neurological system that requires intensive care, feeding and nurturing in order to develop properly.

Our newborn babies are therefore naturally dependent on having close physical contact with their parent in order to feel safe and secure. Especially in the first few months, babywearing fulfils this need in a unique and effective way. It not only enables physical closeness and safety but also promotes the emotional connection between baby and parent.

Studies have shown that babies who are worn for a regular, extended time create a stronger bond with their parent. It has positive effects on the child's development as well. The close contact makes it easier for babies to communicate their needs and feel safer and more secure in their environment. Infants who are carried are generally calmer, as more of their primal needs are met.

In addition, babywearing offers practical benefits for parents, such as the ability to carry out everyday tasks or to breastfeed discreetly while out and about. We have collected some of the benefits of baby wearing for you.


Advantages of babywearing for babies:

Closeness and bonding
Baby wearing can foster a strong sense of closeness and bonding between parents and their little one. The physical contact and proximity provided by baby wearing can help infants feel secure and loved, which is crucial for their emotional development. Being held close to a caregiver contributes to their overall sense of safety and well-being.

Many infants feel reassured and safe when they are carried in a baby carrier. The baby can listen to the heartbeat of their mother or their father. The closeness to the parent and the gentle movements and swaying motion experienced during babywearing can mimic the soothing sensations that babies experienced while in utero. This rhythmic motion has been shown to help regulate a baby's physiological responses, such as heart rate and breathing, leading to a state of relaxation and contentment.

Reducing colic and reflux
The upright positioning facilitated by a baby carrier can indeed help alleviate discomfort associated with colic and reflux in infants. When babies are held in an vertical position, it can help prevent stomach contents from flowing back up into the esophagus, reducing the frequency and severity of reflux episodes.

Furthermore, being held upright in a baby carrier can aid in digestion and gastric emptying, which may also contribute to reducing colic and reflux symptoms as well.

Better emotional regulation
The close bond and soothing movements while babywearing can help to better regulate a baby's emotions and deal with stressful situations. The baby cries less and is more relaxed. The physical closeness to the caregiver in a baby carrier promotes feelings of safety and attachment, which can help your baby to feel more secure and less anxious in stressful situations.

Ergonomic development
A well-designed baby carrier provides the baby with ergonomic support for the back, hips, neck and muscle development. This is important to promote a healthy posture of the body and avoid excessive strain. In an ergonomic baby carrier, the back should be rounded and the legs have to be able to be bent in a squat-spread position to benefit the development of healthy hips.
Babywearing is beneficial for the baby's head since it decreases risk of the flat head syndrome. Carrying can also be helpful if the child suffers from hip dysplasia when they sit in the ergonomic correct M-position.

Social development
Babywearing enables little ones to participate in social interactions from an early age and learn social behaviour by observing the facial expressions and reactions of the people around them. Your baby's self-confidence is strengthened through babywearing! In addition, your child is not overstimulated by the sensory input, as your baby's face is turned towards you.

Sensory development
The raised positioning in the baby carrier allows the baby to view its surroundings from different angles, which promotes its visual ability and spatial perception.

While being carried, the baby can hear its parents' voice and the sounds of its surroundings more clearly. This auditory stimulation is important for the development of hearing and can help the baby to distinguish between different sounds and sharpen their auditory perception.

Close physical contact during babywearing enables children to feel their caregiver's skin and sense their warmth. These tactile stimuli are important for the further development of the sense of touch and can help the baby to develop a positive relationship with touch and physical contact.

Motor skills development
Carrying babies in an ergonomically correct baby carrier can support the further development of your baby's motor skills by strengthening their muscles. Your baby learns to coordinate their movements and head control maintain their balance, especially when exploring the world from an elevated position.

Improved respiratory function
The upright position in a baby carrier can support the baby's respiratory function, especially for babies who are prone to breathing problems.

When babies are held upright in the carrier, it can help keep their airways clear and open, allowing for easier breathing.

Body temperature regulation
If you carry your child in a baby carrier it can help to regulate the baby's body temperature by keeping him or her close to your body. This is particularly crucial for newborns and premature babies, as they may have difficulty regulating their own temperature in the early weeks of life.

When a baby is held close to the caregiver's body in a baby sling or carrier, they can benefit from the natural warmth generated by the wearer, helping to keep them comfortably warm and cozy. This can be especially beneficial in cooler environments or during colder seasons when newborns may need extra warmth.

Advantages of baby carriers for parents:

Relief for the parent's spine
An ergonomically designed baby carrier or sling can distribute the weight of the baby evenly across the wearer's upper body. By distributing the weight evenly, a well-designed baby carrier can prevent excessive pressure on any specific area of the wearer's back or spine, thus reducing the risk of discomfort or pain. This is particularly important for carers who may be carrying their babies for extended periods throughout the day. Additionally, some baby carriers offer adjustable straps and waist belts to help customize the fit and further optimize weight distribution.

Many baby carriers allow for discreet feeding on the go, which is convenient for breastfeeding mothers and makes it easier to meet baby's needs no matter where you are.
For mothers who have problems with breastfeeding, babywearing can also be a help. The skin contact and the oxytocin released when carrying your baby can stimulate the flow of milk.

Support in coping with postpartum depression
The release of bonding hormones like oxytocin during babywearing can indeed play a significant role in supporting parents' mental health, particularly in coping with postpartum depression. Oxytocin, often referred to as the "love hormone" or "bonding hormone," is associated with feelings of attachment, trust, and affection.

The act of babywearing allows parents to be more physically and emotionally present for their infants, promoting responsiveness to their needs and enhancing the parent-child bond. This can help alleviate feelings of isolation and inadequacy that are common in postpartum depression, providing a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Better interaction with family
When you wear your baby, it can be a practical and effective way to multitask and manage the needs of multiple children while promoting positive sibling interactions and strengthening family bonds.

Furthermore, the physical closeness provided by babywearing can foster a sense of inclusivity and family unity, as the baby becomes an active participant in family interactions rather than being isolated in a separate space.

Stronger father-child bond
A baby carrier provides fathers with a wonderful opportunity to actively participate in the care and nurturing of their infant, which can significantly contribute to building a strong bond between them. By wearing their baby in a carrier or sling, fathers can experience the closeness and physical connection that is often associated with maternal caregiving.

Practical for tight or crowded environments
In crowded or tight environments where maneuvering a stroller may be difficult or impractical, a baby carrier can indeed offer a practical solution for transporting your baby. With a baby carrier, parents can keep their hands free and easily move around. Baby and toddler carriers often are compact, lightweight, and versatile, making them well-suited for navigating through crowded places such as public transport, busy streets, or cramped shops.

Handy for travelling and on-the-go
A baby carrier is convenient and practical for travelling, whether it's for shopping, commuting, at the airport or exploring rough terrain. Their lightweight and compact design makes both baby carriers and toddler carriers easy to transport and ideal for on-the-go lifestyles.

Baby carriers are easy to pack and store, making them perfect for slipping into a handbag, backpack, or empty car seats. This means that as a parent, you can have your baby carrier on hand whenever you need it, without it taking up much space or adding extra bulk to your luggage.

One of the significant benefits of babywearing is the hands-free convenience it provides to parents. By using a baby carrier, moms and dads can carry their baby securely while keeping their arms and hands free to handle everyday tasks such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, or attending to other children.

This hands-free capability allows parents to be more productive and efficient in managing their daily responsibilities while still providing their baby with the closeness and attention they need.

Baby sling or baby carrier? Which baby carrier offers the most benefits?

With all models of our soft structured carriers, you can be sure that you will always meet the benefits of babywearing during entire carrying time. You can choose between baby wraps, baby slings, Mei Tai, half buckle or backpack carriers. But how do you choose the right one? Discover it here. Our baby slings or toddler carriers can offer you 3 different carrying positions: in front of the tummy, on the back and even on the hips.

Regardless of which comfort carrier or carrying position you choose, you promote a close connection and support your baby's neural development. It also makes your everyday life with newborns or toddlers easier when it comes to everyday tasks and supports child development on all levels.

Overall, baby carriers are a practical and comfortable solution to have your little one close, while having the freedom of movement and meeting your baby's needs at the same time.

Whether you have a newborn or older babies - Carry your infant, show him or her the world from your perspective, go on adventures together and enjoy the benefits and happiness of babywearing!

If you've acquired a taste for babywearing and now want to discover the right, baby wearing carrier for you, then do the quiz and find out which baby carrier suits you best.

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