The world is your playground: It's time to explore it together! Choose our carrier & show your little one your world while keeping it close to you.

stay close. feel free.

Featured collection - Fusion

This handy carrier can be closed completely with the help of a plug-in buckle system.

Fidella Butterlfy

What makes Fidella® so special?

Everything starts with the fabrics

Our carrier fabrics impress with their unique combination of strength and softness. The exclusive finish of the Fidella® products gives the wearer the feeling of fusing with the carrier: as if it were a second skin.

Maximum flexibility

All our carriers allow a variety of carrying styles and finishes: on the stomach, hips or back. Whether you want to try something new depending on the situation, preference or simply out of pleasure,

Designs that underline your personality

Fidella® designs underline the personality of its wearer just like a garment. Whether fashionable, urban or classic, Fidella® has the right design.