About us

Based on our great respect for people and our environment, Fidella develops products which you feel comfortable about and designs which you like to surround yourself with.

For the love of carrying

Of this we are convinced: carrying is the best thing for your child. It strengthens the bond, supports development of the baby, gives parents freedom and the cuddling is simply beautiful. With our philosophy and passion for carrying, we want to inspire even more parents to carry.

Out of respect for parents

We understand that parents' lives and the demands on them are complex. We support new parents or couples on their way to experiencing parenting with curiosity, fun and anticipation.

For the love of life

Our baby carriers give parents the freedom to enjoy life together with their children, discover the world and to navigate it as they wish. Self-determined, free and without dogmas.

With fairness and respect

Fair, honest and transparent. This is our claim to quality, functionality and appearance, but also to the way we treat each other and the environment. We already meet this requirement when selecting the producers. All of our carriers are also made of 100% organic cotton and undergo constant quality testing.