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Fidella baby carriers are uniquely adjustable, designed to fit any and everyone’s lifestyle and body shape – you, your baby, your partner, grandmas and granddads. Take a look at our range, then if you’re still not sure which one’s perfect for you, do the quiz!

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Like to keep life simple? Our easy, plug-in-and-go full buckle carrier makes light work of keeping your baby happy.  

  • Simply snap and go 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy, discreet breastfeeding 
  • Baby & toddler sizes 
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Love the no-buckle wrap style but like it quick and easy? This is ergonomically designed to be a dream to wear, day in, day out. 

  • Spreadable straps spread the weight 
  • Keeps baby close and cosy 
  • Fits everyone, instantly 
  • Baby & toddler sizes 
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When you want the best of both worlds – all the style of a wrap with the snap-and-go buckled waist of a carrier. Look good, feel good! 

  • Half buckle (at the waist band) 
  • Spreadable shoulder straps spread the weight 
  • Fits everyone, instantly 
  • Baby & toddler sizes 
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Dad carrying toddler in the city


Great for happy days in the great outdoors. Stash it in a bag when you’re on the go, be ready when your tired toddler can’t go any further. 

  • Lightweight & compact 
  • Belt-free backpack style 
  • Ideal for pregnant mums 
  • Toddler size only 
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Fusion portabebè Fullbuckle - solo fibbie, non allacciate Fly Tai Mei Tai marsupio portabebè classico FlyClick portabebè Halfbuckle con chiusura a clic Onbuhimo marsupio ergonomico per bambini
Baby 56 - 74 cm, fino a 1 anno 56 - 80 cm, fino a 1 anno 56 - 80 cm, fino a 1 anno
Toddler 74 - 98 cm, fino a 3,5 anni 74 - 104 cm, fino a 3,5 anni 74 - 104 cm, fino a 3,5 anni Da 80 cm altezza , Da stare seduti da soli
Posizioni di trasporto
Spallacci Cinta delle spalle 32 - 90 cm (Infinitamente variabile) 200 cm (Può essere distribuito a ventaglio) 200 cm (Può essere distribuito a ventaglio) Cinta delle spalle 32 - 98 cm (Infinitamente variabile)
Pannello dorso regolabile (Infinitamente variabile) Baby: 26 - 35 cm
Toddler: 31 - 43 cm
Baby: 26 - 36 cm
Toddler: 33 - 48 cm
Baby: 26 - 36 cm
Toddler: 24 - 45 cm
30 - 45 cm
Cintura(Infinitamente variabile) 55 - 150 cm 70 - 158 cm 70 - 158 cm
Ponticello regolabile(Infinitamente variabile) Baby: 14 - 39 cm
Toddler: 14 - 45 cm
Baby: 11 - 37 cm
Toddler: 24 - 45 cm
Baby: 11 - 37 cm
Toddler: 24 - 45 cm
15 - 50 cm
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About Fidella

Why should I choose a Fidella baby carrier?

We want everyone to share the joy of babywearing! From XS to XXL,
whether you’re a mom, a dad or a big bro, short, tall, an apple, a pear
or a banana, come to that. However you live your life. That’s why our
baby carriers are uniquely, infinitely adjustable to all body shapes and
sizes. It’s why so many of our wearers come back to us time after time.
Because we make sure there’s a Fidella just for you.

Are your carriers ergonomic?

Yes. All our carriers are ergonomically designed for you and your baby,
to protect your back and hips and ensure healthy development of soft
young bodies and bones.

Good for hip development

Our carriers are all designed to put your little frog into the hip-safe spread-squat-splay position (also known as the ‘M-position’. Legs up and out, it’s your babies natural position lying down, and what they go into when you pick them up – they pull their knees up to navel height and their thighs open at a 90° angle. A carrier that allows this is essential for your baby’s healthy hip development and to prevent hip dysplasia later on – the dislocation of the hip joint – which can be painful and needs medical treatment to correct.  

Good for baby’s back

Fidella carriers distribute your baby's weight evenly. They support the back in the correct posture, gently curved but with no sagging, ensuring the healthy development of tender young spines.

Good for the neck

All Fidella carriers come with an adjustable headrest, providing full support for infant necks and heads until they’re strong enough to take over.

Good for you

All our styles use ergonomics to make light work of carrying your precious cargo, spreading the load on you and protecting your back and hips, whatever your size or shape.

Are your carriers recognized as hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute?

Yes. We know just how important correct hip development is, especially
in a baby’s first few months. We’re happy to tell you that our Fusion,
Fly Tai and Fly Click carriers have all been declared hip-healthy by the
independent body, The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI).
(Provided you use them according to our instructions.)

Can I breastfeed while using a Fidella baby carrier? 

Yes, all our carriers are designed for discreet breastfeeding while
wearing your baby. But Fidella Fusion makes breastfeeding on-the-go even
easier. All you have to do is loosen one side and your baby has instant
and private access to its next meal!

What are your carriers made of?

Our carriers are made either from organic cotton or a cotton, viscose
and silk blend. The super-soft padding is 100% polyurethane foam.

Sizing and instructions

Does my little one need the baby or toddler size?

All babies are different! (As though you didn’t know that already.) And
they grow at different rates. So any age or dress sizes we suggest are
really just for guidance. The best thing about our carriers is that
they’re fully adjustable to any size baby – and grown up. You’ll find
all our measurements listed under each product description. Then all you
need to do is measure your bambino to decide whether they’re still a
baby or it’s time to move up to toddler size.

How do I know the carrier will fit my baby?

Simple. Grab a tape measure and your baby. There are two key measurements you need.

Knee to knee: Measure your baby knee to knee when they’re in ‘frog’ position. Any carrier will fit as long as the crotch section reaches from one knee to the other. That way the upper legs are fully supported.

Bottom to shoulder: For older children the back section of the carrier should reach the armpits. For babies under 9 months who can’t yet support their own head, it should come as high as their ears.

Can I babywear my newborn in your carriers?

Yes! Our carriers are perfect for newborns as soon as they reach 3500g
in weight. (All except our Onbuhimo carrier, which is toddler sized

Will your baby carrier fit me?

Yes! Fidella carriers are uniquely, infinitely adjustable to fit not only your baby, but you, too. We make sure all our waist belts and shoulder straps are long enough so that whatever your size or shape, from XS to XXL, you’ll feel supported and comfortable. And our carriers are so soft and perfectly padded, it’s like wearing a second skin!

Can both parents use the same carrier? 

Yes, all Fidella baby carriers are designed to be infinitely adaptable
to fit all body shapes and sizes. If you want to be able to switch
easily and quickly on the go, take a look at the Fly Tai or Fly Click as
the shoulder straps don’t need any adjustment when you swap. 

Can I carry my baby in different positions? 

Yes. Our carriers offer you multiple options for the carrying position.

Front carrying

You can carry your baby on your front in the hip-safe ‘hug hold’ facing inwards towards you. Great for eye contact and feeding.

Back carrying

Great for bigger babies, toddlers and extended carrying

Hip carrying

Usually only recommended from 5 months onwards, when your baby’s neck muscles are strong enough to support their head. Check our handy chart to see which carry positions are available with each model.

Do you not have carriers that allow a baby to travel facing forward?

We know where you’re coming from! One day your baby will travel forward facing in a buggy, so why not now, in a carrier? Lots of reasons…

It’s not ergonomic. Forward facing puts your baby’s whole weight on the base of their spine, rather than spreading it through their legs and body. Not good for their comfort or their natural development.

It makes the ‘M-position’ impossible! The best way for your baby to travel is in the spread-squat position, supported by the carrier and by you. A forward facing carrier would leave little legs dangling and stop the spine from rounding as it should. Not hip-safe or back-friendly!

It would be just too much! It’s a big noisy world out there! Facing forward out front would give your baby nowhere to hide when it all got too much for them. If you want them to see the sights, carry them on your back where they can peek over your shoulder and simply fall asleep when they’ve had enough.

How do I position my baby correctly in your carrier?

Start by adjusting the size to fit your baby before you wear your carrier. Once you’ve made it the size you want, you’re ready to load up and go. Here are two ways to get it right:

1. Use your baby Lay the carrier out flat and place your baby on top. Stretch the seat panel so that the edges of the leg cut-outs reach the inside of the knees. Use the straps to adjust the back section until the fabric goes from your baby’s bottom to the top of their shoulders (for infants) or armpits (for toddlers). 2. Use a tape measure Measure your baby’s legs from one knee to the other, then their back from their bottom to their shoulders. Adjust your carrier using the tape measure, based on your measurements.

How do I know when I’ve got a perfect fit?  

The edges of the leg cutouts should always reach from one knee to the other. For small babies under 9 months the back section should go up to the ears to give good support your baby’s head. For older babies and toddlers, the back support should come up to just under their armpits. Make sure that your baby is sitting correctly in the spread-squat or ‘M”-position, knees bent and back slightly rounded.

Do you have instructions and videos on how to use your carriers?

Yes. We know that a picture’s worth a thousand words (especially when they’re instructions!). Visit our instructions page for all our step by step videos and helpful manuals to help you get the most out your carrier from day one.

Washing instructions

Are Fidella baby carriers washable? 

Yes. All our carriers can be washed to keep them fresh and hygienic.
Most of them are machine washable. For our luxurious silk and viscose
blends, we recommend handwashing only – you’ll find all the care
instructions in the product descriptions here on site, or on the label.
And even though they wash and dry quite quickly, many of our babywearers
buy an extra carrier – one to wear, one to wash.

Can I tumble dry my Fidella carrier?

Yes, if it’s machine washable, it can be tumble dried on a low setting and be ready to wear again in next to no time. We recommend our handwash only carriers be air dried naturally.