Summer wrapping - Tips and tricks

Summer wrapping - Tips and tricks

Even in summer you don't have to miss carrying your baby despite the warmth.

Here are a few tips to stay cool:

1) Shadow & sun protection

In general, you should avoid the sun at high temperatures. Baby skin is very sensitive and so 15 minutes is enough to burn it. In the midday sun between 10-15 o'clock you should therefore stay indoors or in the shade.

On the subject of sun protection for the skin: It is not recommended to use sun cream for babies under 6 months. For example, a summer hat or sunshade with UV protection can protect the baby from the sun's rays. Shea butter and coconut oil can provide the skin with natural sun protection and are also suitable for babies.

2) Cooling down

With a fan (or improvised with a magazine) you can keep yourself and your child happy with some cool air. A damp towel can also help to cool down, although care should be taken as young babies in particular are not yet able to control their body temperature well. It is therefore important to make sure that it does not get too cold for the baby. For this reason, cooling pads or towels soaked in ice water should not be placed directly on the baby.

3) Suitable wrapping methods

On the one hand, a few single-layer wrappings are particularly suitable for the warm season, such as the Simple Backcarry as a back carrying method or the Kangaroo Carrying method for the front.

In warm weather, bindings that are not tied directly around the hip, such as the Wrap Cross Carry, are more suitable for the carrying parent. The Simple Backcarry can also be closed with a knot under the baby's bottom to avoid the need for additional fabric around the hips.

To stay cool, it is usually more comfortable for older toddlers to be carried on the backs than on the breast. However, the best way to find out is through individual interaction with the child.

Fidella Chevron Onbuhimo back carrier

The Onbuhimo for summer

The Onbuhimo is very suitable for warm summer days. This carrier can be used from sitting age (approx. size 80) and is particularly comfortable to wear in hot weather due to the missing waist belt. Like a backpack, it can be put on and taken off quickly and is positioned relatively high on the back.

4) The right clothes

Outside, the arms and legs should be covered with light clothing and the baby's body (except the face) should be additionally protected with the wrap or carrier. There are also clothes with extra UV protection. Also, a muslin diaper can be easily placed over the head (not over the face) or positioned between the child's head and the back of the carrier so that the child does not stick to it.

It is also important to bring a change of clothes so that the baby can be changed if he/she is wet and sweaty. In the neck you can feel if it is too warm for your baby. It should be warm, but not sweaty.

5) Drink, drink, drink

Actually, a matter of course, but still worth mentioning: The carrier should of course make sure that he/she drinks enough water himself and that the baby is breastfed as often as he/she wants, and the breast side is changed regularly at will. The baby will instinctively want to change sides more often if it wants more of the watery colostrum. Children who no longer have breast milk should, of course, drink water regularly.

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