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Fidella® Fusion

the handy comfort carrier for an active, everyday lifestyle

The Fidella® Fusion is a light, compact fabric comfort carrier that is especially quick to put on, thanks to the simple buckling system. Ideal for all active parents who want to share every moment with their child at any time.

It offers two ergonomic carrying positions: frontal and back.

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Feature 1

Padded and expandable straps which sit comfortably on the shoulders and optimally distribute the weight of the child.

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Feature 2

Waist belt is closed with a safety buckle with locking function and can be tightened on both sides.

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Two different sizes

We not only carry babies, but also toddlers. Therefore, we offer our baby carriers in 2 variants: Baby and Toddler.

So you can enjoy all stages of development with your child throughout the gestation period.

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Body size 56-74 cm (22-29 inches) 74-98 cm (29,1-36 inches)
Weight up to 15 kg up to 22 kg
Age until approx. 1 year until approx. 3,5 years

The Fidella® Fusion Full-Buckle Baby Carrier

The Fidella® Fusion is our lightweight and compact comfort sling. Parents who actively plan their everyday life with children love this handy and uncomplicated carrying product. The full buckle carrying aid can be donned easily and quickly thanks in particular to the plug-in buckle system. Fold down the baby carrier, put the buckles together, tighten the belts, done! In a few easy steps, the carrier can be precisely adjusted and offers you a firm, secure and comfortable fit - for you and your child!

The ergonomic design of the Fidella® Fusion adjusts to you and adapts perfectly to your growing child. Whether the baby or toddler variant, determined by the size of your child. Our Fidella® Fusion follows you from birth to preschool age. The padded shoulder straps offer the highest possible comfort. The full buckle carrier allows carrying in two ergonomic positions: in front of the stomach or on the back

All our baby carriers have an integrated hood. You can also use it as a headrest for your baby, if he or she is not yet able to hold their head up independently. The hood is also used to protect your baby from wind and weather, or simply to give your baby the necessary rest while sleeping.

At a glance

  • Handy comfortable carrier for an active everyday life
  • Particularly easy handling due to simple plug-in buckle system
  • Available in 2 variants: Baby and Toddler
  • Adapts itself continuously to the growing baby: individual adjustment of bridge and rear panel
  • Two ergonomic carrying positions: in front of the stomach and at the back
  • Extremely comfortable to wear due to adjustable, padded hip and shoulder straps
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Datailaufnahme: Fusion
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