Baby carriers

Fidella baby carriers

Our Fidella baby carriers can be used fast and easy and are fitting very comfy as well.

The Fidella Fusion full-buckle and our Onbuhimo backcarrier occur with buckles which make them extra functional when you are in a hurry. Mei Tai, the popular Fidella Fly Tai, is a carrier that needs to be tied with two ends of a string. By this different kinds of finishes are offered.

All our baby carriers are made of soft wrap fabrics and can be adjusted individually. So the babywearing experience is not only for your baby, but also for you very comfy and special.

A baby carrier is recommended especially for toddlers who independently start to walk alone, but also sometimes like to be carried as well. But we also have a Fly Tai babysize, that can be used perfectly for newborns!