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    Carry instructions for your smartphone

    Carry-Me App wrap tying instructions on your android smartphone or apple ios device
    CarryMe App

    You are using a babywrap for the first time and don’t really know how to use it? No problem with the free Fidella "CarryMe App".

    The Fidella "CarryMe App" offers you a wide selection of instructions for different wrapping techniques. We not only explain the different styles in the step-by-step instruction, but also show the corresponding videos, which show you the styles, how to create them and thus make the carrying easier.

    Look at CarryMe App

    Experiencing Fidella babywraps and babycarriers online

    Fidella Tragetuecher, Tragehilfen und mehr

    Welcome to Fidella! With the aid of our expressive photos and descriptions you can experience our babywraps, babycarriers and more amazing products, like our cloth diapers in different Fidella designs, online.

    No matter if you search for a babywrap, a Mei Tai, a Onbuhimo, a Fusion or a Ring Sling- thanks to our online shop you can collect information about our products and order them quickly and easy 24 hours at any time so that your purchase can be delivered to your home. Thereby we offer worldwide shipping!

    If you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to help you.

    Fidella babywraps

    All our babywraps are since the production incredible soft, so that you can enjoy a comfortable carrying from the first moment on. Due to controlled natural materials our babywraps are robust, but feel very light at the same time (Surface weight: 205-240 g/m²). The special width of 80 cm makes it very suitable for carrying toddlers (max. 15kg) as well as for wrapping newborns.

    Our usual Fidella babywraps are made of 100% soft organic cotton. The quality and the controlled cultivation of our fabrics are of high importance to us.

    Further, we offer products for fans of special blends. You would like to try a wrap with hemp for summer? Or you are looking for a babywrap with wool for the winter? No problem! You will find babywraps made of wool, hemp and linen depending on your taste by selecting the category of special blends on our website.

    Fidella Babycarriers

    Fidella babycarriers are an alternative to babywraps. They can be put on very fast and easy and they are very comfortable. Our Fidella Fusion Full buckle carrier and our Onbuhimo are closed with buckles, which is especially useful when being in a hurry.

    In the case of our Mei Tai, Fidella Fly Tai, the end of the two slings are closed with a knot. For that, similar to babywraps, you can use the various kinds of finishing styles.

    The babycarriers are adjustable to your individual size and hence can be used by different persons. Thus daddy or granny can carry the little one as well. Moreover, our babycarriers are made of wrap fabrics and are super soft!

    Babycarriers are especially recommended for toddlers, who like to see their surroundings while being carried or who want to discover their environment on their own every now and then. However, our Fly Tai Babysize is suitable for the little ones, right from birth!

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    ÖKO-TEST Fidella Baby wrap Persian Paisley Jungle Size 6 Gesamturteil SEHR GUT Ausgabe 08/2016

    Rating: Very good
    Tested: Fidella Baby wrap Persian Paisley size 6
    Issue 08/2016

    Fidella Persian Paisley Baby wrap in size 6