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Babywrap and Slings

All Fidella Babywraps for babys

All Fidella babywraps are very soft from the beginning. They are made of natural fabrics and stay in form even when they feel comfortably thin (surface weight of 205-240 g/m²). The extra width of 80 cm make the wraps usable for newborns as well as for toddlers. With a Fidella wrap you can carry kids up to a weight of 15 kg.

The Jacquard or Tri-Weave-Double-Layer woven babywraps are available in different colors and designs - for different tastes. Our Fidella babywraps and baby carriers are usually made of 100 % organic cotton, but we also have some blend mixes with linen, hemp, wool or even soya. Hemp is a very steady material. So, our wraps made of hemp are perfect to carry even older toddlers. Wraps with linen are very light and perfect for summer. For colder temperatures a babywrap with wool is very suitable.

Additionally, our wraps are available in different lengths. Which one you need depends on your clothing size and your prefered wrapping method. Our calculator for lengths will easily show which length is the best for you.

To make the wrapping more simple for you, the edges of our wraps are sewn in different colors.

As a special every Fidella babywrap is delivered in a matching bag.