Onbuhimo Porte-bébé a dos

Fidella Onbuhimo Porte-bébé

What is a Onbuhimo?

The Onbuhimo is a back carrier especially for older children. It can be used from the time your child is able to sit and is at least 80 cm tall and weighs between 10-30 kg. It will fit you individually through its sleeplessly adjustable back part and can be put on as easy as a back pack.

Where does it come from?

The Onbuhimo is an originally japanese baby carrier.

Specials about the Fidella Onbuhimo:

The Fidella Onbuhimo is soft and comfy and like all our carriers made of sling fabrics woven in the classical Jacquard or Tri-Weaving method. The leg openings and shoulder strings (100% polyester wadding) are very comfortable for a great carrying experience. The Onbuhimo is excellent for older kids that are already going on tours by themselves but want to be carried sometimes. It is very quick and easy to be put on and off because of the back pack style.

Because there is missing the hip strap, the Onbuhimo is perfect for pregnant women and it is ideal for combining it with coats or longer clothes. The Onbuhimo offers a high comfort for carrier and kid and supports the recommended spread-squat-position.