Answers how to dress a baby in a wrap

How to dress a baby while carrying with a wrap

There are several answers to the question: How shall I dress my baby while carrying it with a baby wrap?. If you use a baby wrap you need one layer of clothing less than in a stroller. Head and feet must be warmed in particular because babies give off their body heat over their head and their small feet get cold very fast. Its feet are, in contrast to its hands, outside the wrap and must be protected from the coldness by using baby socks, legwarmers and shoes.

Please note that your child should always wear the fitting clothes depending on the season. Don`t dress your child with too much layers of clothes. This could lead to pressure marks and diminished blood circulation. Dress your child with clothes in one clothing size larger than needed. So, your child feels always comfortable inside the wrap.

Furthermore, you warm up your baby with your own body heat as well. So, you don`t need to dress it like an Eskimo.

How to dress your baby in winter

You warm up your baby while wearing it inside a wrap. So, you shouldn`t dress it specially. You can dress it with a jump suit with feet made of temperature equalizing materials like wool, linen or hemp. You also need caps, socks, legwarmers and shoes to protect your child from the coldness of winter.

If you kept your coat you wore during pregnancy you may wear it with your baby underneath it inside the wrap. Or you borrow the coat of your partner. Wearing a child underneath a coat or a jacket means to dress your child as inside your flat: tights, pants, socks, sweater and cap are enough to hold it really snugly warm.

You can also use a number of baby wraps to wrap your baby with more fabric, e.g. use a wrap like our Feline, made of cotton and wool. Due to its triweave double layer technique, small air chambers appear between the two layers of fabric. So, your baby is kept snugly warm.

How to dress my baby in summer

If you have ever been to Africa or India you know that also people in hot countries carry their babies with wraps close to their bodies.

Parents act like a temperature equalizing thermostat - surplus body heat is absorbed from their bodies. If you use front or back carrying techniques, your baby gets warm enough due to your body heat. So, you should use soft and light baby wraps made of mixtures with cotton and linen, e.g. our Sirens -blue-.

If it is really hot outside, you should use baby underwear made of wool or a wool-silk-mixture. These natural fabrics absorb the baby`s sweat very well. You can notice just in a second if your baby overheats if you are wearing it close to your body. Then, you can cool it down directly.

You also need caps during summer time. Babies and toddlers must not be exposed to direct sunlight. You can also use an umbrella to protect you both against sunlight.

And don`t forget the golden rule: Your child must drink a lot to avoid dehydration!

How to dress my child during spring and autumn

During fickle weather like in spring and autumn you should dress your child in a layered look. So, you can undress it if it gets to hot or dress it with additional socks or a cap if the weather gets too rough. You could use a baby wrap made of cotton and soy, like our Zen -fuchsia- soy, to carry your child perfectly during these seasons.