Écharpe de portage - Sling

Notre sling est une excellente écharpe courte de complement pour le portage. Il peut être pré-installé grâce aux deux anneaux en aluminium cousus au bout. Le compagnon ideal en chemin, prêt à être utilisé en un rien de temps.

Fidella Slings

What is a Ring-Sling?

Ring-Slings are short babywraps that are not tied with a knot but they are closed with the help of two rings. Therefore the free end of the wrap will be pulled through the rings.

Our Fidella Ring- Slings can be used from birth and carry a maximum weight of 15 kg.

Which Ring-Slings are available?

The slings with a surface weight of 205-240 g/m² are woven as Jacquard or Tri-Weave and come in the same designs as our usual babywraps. Most of the wraps are made of 100 % organic cotton, whereas some of them come with linen, hemp or wool. Linen is for example popular in summer and wool is well-liked in winter.