Breastfeeding and Baby Carriers

You can do breast-feeding your baby in any type of sling, always and everywhere. The only importance is that both mother and child are familiar with the sling. If you start breast-feeding with a baby wrap you should practice it a few times at home.

The fabric of the sling allows a discrete and convenient way of breast-feeding. The fetal position is perfect for breast-feeding in a sling . In general: No matter which position or which method of breast-feeding you prefere - this is the right one for you.

Regarding breast-feeding, loosen the knot a little bit so that the child may slip deeper into the pouch. Now, it may reach the lateral guided breast and can be applied. All those who want it a hundred percent intimate may take a very thin cloth across baby and breasts.

Normally, you get detailed instructions for breast-feeding with the delivery of your sling. If you don`t get these instructions with your sling please contact a babywearing consultant or your midwife.