Well prepared for the summer holidays with kids

Well prepared for the summer holidays with kids

Travelling with children

First of all, you have to consider how far away the holiday resort can be. Not all children are as enthusiastic about travelling as their parents. Will you be flying there? Then you should check soon enough whether a children's passport is required and whether you have all the necessary vaccinations for your destination. Whether you choose a trip to the German seashore or a trip around the world with your baby, neither is better or worse. The "how" makes the big difference here! Follow your child's needs. If you have a long-distance journey in mind, consider whether your child may still be too young or restless for such a long and quite exhausting flight.

As long as children are small, you should always bear in mind that planning trips includes seeing that your child gets his or her daily afternoon sleep and goes to bed on time. Because if kids lose their sleeping rhythm by a lot, you probably won't be able to enjoy a relaxing holiday. So choose your destination carefully and according to the needs of your little ones, so that everyone can enjoy the trip. However in general, the following applies on an individual basis: just take your pick. 😊

Ideas for great trips with children

Getting away quickly for a short trip:

Europe is perfect for travelling with a baby or toddler. No long travel times, no huge adjustments to temperature, and medical care is also available almost everywhere and is top standard.

Perhaps further away?

Here, the most important thing is that your travel destination should not be dangerous for the little ones. A country with dangerous diseases or inadequate medical care on site may not be your best choice. There are particularly family-friendly countries to choose from such as Indonesia (e.g., Bali), the Maldives, the USA, Costa Rica and Japan.

Packing list

What should you not forget and include when planning your trip? We have put together a small checklist here so that nothing can go wrong for your "family travel" adventure:

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Valuable travel companions

NONOMO Swinging Hammock

The NONOMO Swinging Hammock is perfect for taking along on your journey. You simply hang it in your house by means of the door frame clamp and your baby can enjoy his or her afternoon sleep in a familiar environment..

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AeroMoov Travel Cot

The AeroMoov travel cot is perfect for travelling. It is not only made for one hand and space-saving, but it can also be quickly converted into a playpen. If that's not practical…

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Puckababy swaddle bags

We also have a hot favourite for sleeping comfort. Or should we say cool? Because you can let your child doze off comfortably in one of Puckababy's airy Tencel swaddle bags and pyjamas, even during your summer holidays.

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