Babywearing and clothing

Babywearing and clothing

Too warm? Too cold? What should my baby wear when being carried? The current temperatures give reason to talk about clothing while carrying your baby.

The current temperatures give reason to talk about clothing while wearing your baby. Parents tend to dress their babies too warmly and forget that both the baby and they themselves give off a body temperature of 37 degrees and they warm each other. The wrap and carrier also replace the outer layer of clothing, i.e. the baby's jacket.

The carrier replaces one layer of clothing

Alternatives to jackets are e.g. jacket extensions or carrying covers. Now in summer a body is usually sufficient. The long-sleeved body is the best choice here, so that the sleeves are protected from the sun if necessary. The legs and feet can be optimally protected from the sun with cuffs and also offer an additional layer of clothing in winter. It is best to check in the neck of your baby to see if he or she is sweating, which is sometimes unavoidable depending on the outside temperature, or if he or she feels cool and possibly freezes.

Cold feet in the carrier

And no, your baby doesn't have cold feet because you're doing something wrong with the baby. It is perfectly normal for little feet to cool down a bit, because the squat-splay position makes the knees higher than the bottom and the blood flows back from the legs. This is exactly what happens, for example, when babies sleep on their backs and in the beginning often rest with their arms stretched upwards beside their heads. Also here the blood simply flows back from the arms. But this does not mean that the babies are freezing.

Washing recommendation

By the way: Washing before the first use is not necessary with our products. We take over this service for you, so that you can enjoy your first wearing moment immediately after unpacking. If washing is necessary, hand washing with sensitive detergent is certainly the best for our products. But this is not always enough. Then we recommend the gentle wash cycle at 30 degrees Celsius and few revolutions. Drying lying down takes longer, but is what protects our carriers and wraps. After warm, not hot, ironing, they also regain their special feel.

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