Toddler size: Fidella Fusion baby carrier with buckles - Limited Edition - Chevron - plain umber -

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Toddler Size: Fidella Fusion baby carrier - limited edition - Chevron - plain umber -

In search of a stylisch Full-Buckle baby carrier in muted colours you will be successfull now! Chevron plain umber  - with its soft umber and light white - is made of 100 % organic cotton in Jacquard weaving style with a surface weight of 205 g/m².  

From the 5th month and a body size of 74 cm - 98 cm up to 15 kg your Fusion Toddler fits perfectly. The full buckle system with its shoulder straps and  its adjustable back part (31 cm - 43 cm) made of cuddly fabric fits every adult with sizes between 32 and 52 (XS-XXL).

Shoulder straps, made of belt strap, can be fitted (32 cm - 90 cm) to the carriers anatomy with a single movement. Intensive cuddle moments are guaranteed. Your baby will sit comfortably in ergonomical spread-squat-position, thanks to the adjustable strap and the padded leg cut-outs

Special features of Toddler Size: Fidella Fusion baby carrier - limited edition - Chevron - plain umber -:

  • from the 5th month
  • sturdy Jacquard weaving
  • surface weight of 205 g/m²
  • back part an strap adjustable
  • Full-Buckle
  • made of wrap fabric
  • high-class strap belt
  • ergonomical spread-squat-position produced by the adjustable strap

Tested according ASTM F2236-14 (USA) and CEN/TR 16512-2015 (EU).

NOTICE: Out of respect of a past cooperation we do not ship this product to Austria. We appreciate your understanding!!

The differences between Fidella Baby carrier Fusion Babysize and Toddler Size

The differences between Fidella Baby carrier Fusion Babysize and Toddler Size
Babysize Toddler Size
from birth from 3 months
56-74 cm 74-98 cm
Adjustable bridge: 14-39 cm 14-45 cm
Age of the child: from size 74 cm (29,1 inches) to 98 cm (36 inches)
clothing size caregiver: body sizes XS to XXL (UK: 6-26 | USA: 4-24)
collection: Limited Edition
sling fabric: jacquard weaving -classic-
Care instructions: do not tumble dry handwash dry flat
load: max. 15 kg (33 lbs)
Length of waistbelt: 55 - 150 cm ( 22-59 inches stepplessly adjustable)
length of shoulder strings: strap 32 - 90 cm (13-35 inches steplessly adjustable)
adjustable backpanel: Fusion 31 - 43 cm (12-17 inches steplessly adjustable)
safety standard: ASTM F2236-14 (US) CEN/TR 16512-2015 (EU)
surface weight: surface weight 205 g/sqm
Product type: Full-buckle carrier Wrap Conversion
adjustable bridge: Fusion: 14 - 45 cm (5.5-18 inches steplessly adjustable)
Colour: brown
blend: 100% organic cotton
Design: Chevron
Versandgewicht: 0,65 Kg
Abmessungen: 27,00 × 19,00 × 13,00 cm


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