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What could be better than enjoying time with your new baby? Rediscovering the world, you and your little one? Gaining new experiences together? Sharing - with your family and friends? In our magazine, we want to inspire you with stories and ideas from people who inspire us and show us all facets of family life.



Wombat Babywearing Jackets Review #1

In the course of a product test 2 lucky people were allowed to test the Wombat carrying jackets. Read here what Nicolas feedback is.


Which toddler carrier is right for me and my child?

It’s no secret that even big kids still enjoy closeness with mom and dad in a carrier. No matter whether it's over several hours, or only in between. Wearing the big ones is still just as beautiful! [...]


That's why we support toddler-wearing

"Your child is much too spoiled!" "Can she/he even walk?" "You're going to break your back!" These are just a few preconceived ideas that probably everyone who carries their toddler [...]


Interview - carrying toddlers

Karen Unger is a passionate Carrying Consultant and answers some questions about carrying toddlers.


Hot Town, Summer in the City

In our first year as babies, we practically spent the summer sleeping. Which somehow wasn't bad, after all, the summer of 2016 was quite flooded. "Non-sense," my husband says. "Sooo often it [...]


We lift the anchors and set sail

I love the sea! Hardly any dream vacation passes - our evening sleep ritual - without me telling you about the sea. The sound of the waves. Colorful shells on the beach. Naked feet in the sand. [...]


#lookingback - interview with parents

In a little interview we asked our colleagues Sergkei and Jenny how their lifes have changed by becoming a parent.


No way? No way!

It's true! All of my "I'm-already-a-mother" friends and acquaintances were actually right when it came to their well-meant "You can't imagine what it's really like to have a baby" talk. Now I [...]


Attachment comes from attaching, doesn't it?!

There were appointments in my pregnancy that I enjoyed. The visit to my midwife Silke, for example. I was allowed to let myself fall, 'weep' with all my questions, un-certainties and inconsistencies [...]


To carry or not to carry - that is the question

Do you know what that's like, too? I was happily pregnant with my first daughter, and had already been bombarded with a thousand and one tips and suggestions. And, of course, even more questions. [...]