New size: Fidella Fly Tai - baby carrier - Rock n Rolla - vintage

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We pay a tribute to the 50s with our new Design Rock n Rolla -vintage-. Let us take you to the world of the 50s!

The Fidella Fly Tai New Size Rock n Rolla -vintage-

You love Rock 'n' Roll? Then show your love for music on your wrap conversion, made of 100% organic cotton. The rocking patterns are very eye catching thanks to the triweave weaving. Already a classic with a proud surface weight of 245 g/m².

For the wearer it is comfortable to bind the shoulder strings with a total length of 200 cm. The waist belt has a length of 57-190 cm and fits for all clothing sizes from XS, 32 to XXL, 52. Also your baby with a weight of up to 15 kg will feel comfort in the Fly Tai New Size. It should have a clothing size of 74-104 cm (approx. from the third month).

Of course the back panel is adjustable stepless from 30-48 cm, similar to the bridge from 11-45 cm. Let's rock it!

Advantages of the Fidella Fly Tai New Size in the overview:

  • clothing sizes from XS, 32 to XXL, 52
  • useable from the third month
  • from a size of 74-104 cm
  • jacquard weaving -triweave-
  • 100% organic cotton
  • surface weight of 245 g/m²
  • shoulder strings of 200 cm length
  • stepless modifiable waist belt from 57-190 cm
  • modifiable back panel from 30-48 cm
  • adjustable bridge from 11-45 cm
  • maximum loadable weight is 15 kg

This baby carrier fulfills the US American safety standards ASTM F2236-14.

The differences between Fidella Baby carrier FlyTai Baby Size, New Size and Toddler Size

Comparison - Differences Fidella FlyTai Babysize, New Size, Toddlersize
Age of the child: size 74 -104 cm (30 in - 41 in)
clothing size caregiver: body sizes XS to XXL (UK: 6-26 | USA: 4-24)
collection: standard
Colour: blue red black grey
Care instructions: do not tumble dry handwash dry flat
load: max. 15 kg (33 lbs)
adjustable bridge: Fly Tai New Size: 11 - 45 cm (4-18 inches steplessly adjustable)
padding material: 100% polyester wadding
sling fabric: jacquard weaving -triweave-
length of shoulder strings: sling fabric 200 cm/78 inches
safety standard: ASTM F2236-13 Soft Structured Carrier
Design: Rock n Rolla
adjustable backpanel: Fly Tai New Size: 30 - 48 cm (12-19 inches steplessly adjustable)
Product type: Mei Tai Wrap Conversion
surface weight: surface weight 245g/sqm
Length of waistbelt: 57 - 190 cm ( 22-75 inches stepplessly adjustable)
blend: 100% organic cotton
Versandgewicht: 0,85 Kg
Abmessungen: 27,00 × 34,00 × 12,00 cm


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