Fidella sweater Amor`s Love Arrows - green -

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The Fidella Sweater Amor`s Love Arrows - green -

Amor`s Love Arrows - green - hits right into your heart - exactly the right for boys and girls.

Our cushy Fidella jumper convinces with its simple sewing pattern and its great kangaroo bag on the front made of your favourite Fidella design.

The round neckline ensures that the neck is always nicely covered. Your little sunshine wants to discover his surrounding? Even at this time our pullover will wrap softly around the wrists and the legs thanks tot he stretchy cuffs.

At the beginning the cuffs at the sleeves can be folded back and later on be unfolded. So you will have a long time with your fashionable sweater.

The pullover is made of 100% cotton and the cuffs are made of 95% cotton mixed with 5% elastane.

Variantenübergreifende Merkmale:
Age of the child: 2-3 years 3-6 month 0-3 months
waist width: 29 cm 28 cm 27 cm 26 cm 32 cm 30 cm
length hip cuffs: 5,5 cm
collection: standard
Care instructions: do not tumble dry ironable delicates 30°
sleeve length: 32 cm 33 cm 38 cm 42 cm 45 cm
Colour: green turquoise
blend: cuffs: 95% Baumwolle, 5% Elastan fabric: 100% cotton 100% cotton
length sleeve cuffs: 11 cm
total length: 31 cm 33 cm 35 cm 42 cm 44 cm
Design: Amors Love Arrows
bust measurement: 29 cm 31 cm 32 cm 33 cm 34 cm 36 cm


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