Fidella Simply: babywrap -Denim -red- 460 cm - size 6

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The Fidella Simply Line catches your attention with the plain-colored denim-weave. It is as simple as all our Fidella babywraps. The fabric is made of 100 % organic cotton.

The design is simple and has a relaxing effect on you. It has no pattern and is an alternative between all the colored and fancy Fidella designs. The back of the Fidella Simply Denim -red- is black which makes the wrap an eye-catcher.

One-for-All: The standard size 6 is made for most of the wrapping methods.

The surface weight of 220 g/m² makes the wrap sturdy but also soft. It is the perfect babywrap for beginners.

Age of the child: suitable from birth
Width of the babywrap: extra wide: 80 cm
collection: simply
Care instructions: do not tumble dry ironable dry flat delicates 30°
load: max. 15 kg (33 lbs)
Product type: Wrap
surface weight: surface weight 220 g/sqm
Colour: red black
sling fabric: Denim weave
Length of babywrap: size 6 - 460 cm/180 inches
blend: 100% organic cotton
Design: Denim
Versandgewicht: 0,98 Kg


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