Fidella diaper cover -Amors Love Arrows rose

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Diaper Cover Amors Love Arrows -rose-

The diaper design Amors Love Arrows -rose- is not only raising our heart beat. This Love Arrow will find the heart of every girl mom guaranteed. Playful, romantic hearts decorate this diaper cover with a beautiful pink color.

According to your needs you can fill it with the necessary versatile Fidella Inserts. We love this cloth diaper-system as it protects the environment. The diaper cover can be used as much as needed while the inserts go into the laundry.

Double leg cuffs protect your sprout and its soft legs against leaking. Due to the 3x3 press buttons this One-Size-Diaper can fit many from a weight of 3.5 to 16 kg.

  • Material: 100% polyester PUL
  • one size
  • Closing: snaps (adjustable to different sizes)
  • You need inserts for the usage (not included in delivery)

Washing: To improve their durability, we recommend a washing temperature of 30°C / 86°F - maximum washing temperature : 60°C / 140°F- do not use laundry detergent with additives nor fabric softeners

Easy Usage:

  • Put an insert into the Fidella diaper cover
insert into the Fidella diaper cover

  • It is possible to adapt the size with the 2 rows of snaps below so that it will fit properly.
Adjustment of the diaper cover
    • Newborns (ca. 3,5-7 kg / 8-16 lbs): Snaps C to A
    • Crawlers (ca. 8-10 kg / 17-22 lbs): Snaps B to A
    • Toddlers (ca. 10,5-16 kg / 23-35 lbs): Leave fully extended
  • Fasten the diaper with the waist adjustment snaps

fasten the diaper

Manufactured in China, eco friendly

diaper shutter: snaps (adjustable for various sizes)
Meterial Inner: 100% Polyester PUL
Care instructions: Machine wash at 30 - 60°C
Colour: black rose pink
Design: Amors Love Arrows
Product type: Diaper cover
Versandgewicht: 0,07 Kg


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