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Babywrap and Slings


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Back to the 50`s!

Our legendary Fidella Outer Space takes you with its -vintaged- style back to good old times . The 50`s are returning and placed in the modern age due to this wonderful design.

This baby wrap, made in Jacquard - triweave - style, is woven with two different wefts in red and white which underline its beautiful colours. Due to the surface weight of 240 g/m² the design Outer Space - vintage - offers you and your baby a high stability.

Our Fidella babywraps are known for their special width of 80 cm and usable for newborns as well as for toddlers. To make it easier for you to find the right one, the edges are sewn in different colours. As usual, every Fidella babywrap comes in a fitting bag that matches your wrap.

Variantenübergreifende Merkmale:
Age of the child: suitable from birth
Width of the babywrap: doll wrap - 40 cm extra wide: 80 cm
collection: standard
Care instructions: do not tumble dry ironable dry flat delicates 30°
surface weight: surface weight 240 g/sqm
load: max. 15 kg (33 lbs)
Design: Outer Space
sling fabric: jacquard weaving -triweave-
Product type: Wrap
Length of babywrap: doll wrap - 300 cm size 4 - 360 cm/141 inches size 5 - 420 cm/165 inches size 6 - 460 cm/180 inches size 7 - 520 cm/205 inches
Colour: red black grey
blend: 100% organic cotton


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