Fidella babywrap -Limited Edition: -Persian Paisley -sea breeze -linen-

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The Fidella Persian Paisly design goes on board!

With -seabreeze- we bring some fresh air to our popular design and we are hoisting the sails for our newcomer! The classic Persian Paisly pattern arrives with a refreshing turquois and you feel like it brings some sea air along! It?s the perfect company for all confessing Persian Paisly fans, which shows that our timeless design is also amazing with some trendy colors!

This finely woven Fidella sling charms you with its elaborated, oriental design and combined with its gaudy light blue makes it to an absolute high flyer according to style and diversity.

The Paisly pattern derived from Persian Boteh-pattern, which stands for fertility and was already finding its way to important textile centers in times of Queen Victoria. Reissued like the sea spume the Persian Paisly-Seabreeze- is finding its way to our range!

Small crumples can occur on the surface of the fabric. This is common for linen yarn and is not a reason for complaint.

Variantenübergreifende Merkmale:
Age of the child: suitable from birth
Width of the babywrap: doll wrap - 40 cm extra wide: 80 cm
collection: Limited Edition
Colour: blue white
sling fabric: jacquard weaving -classic-
Care instructions: do not tumble dry ironable dry flat delicates 30°
load: max. 15 kg (33 lbs)
Product type: Wrap
surface weight: surface weight 205 g/sqm
Length of babywrap: doll wrap - 300 cm size 4 - 360 cm/141 inches size 5 - 420 cm/165 inches size 6 - 460 cm/180 inches size 7 - 520 cm/205 inches
Design: Persian Paisley
blend: with 40% linen with 60 % organic cotton


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