Fidella baby wrap -Limited Edition- Outer Space -raw denim- soy - 520 cm - size 7

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Fidella baby wrap - limited edition - Outer Space - raw denim - soya - 520 cm - size 7

Our new and casual Outer Space baby wrap in denim style directly arrived from the stars and surprises you with a new exciting material mixture of 53 % organic cotton and 47 % soya. This superlunary connection unites the stability of the fibre with a nearby wrinkle-free feeling of carrying.

With this stylish baby wrap in Jacquard weaving -classic- style you can dare new binding manners. Because of the high surface weight of 240 g/m² the weight of your baby is spread optimally onto the extra width of 80 cm of the wrap. Additional there is also the natural attribute of the soya fibre which makes the wrap strong and inherently stable. So this baby wrap is congenial to babys with a higher weight up to 15 kg. Parents with daily experiences in binding techniques of course can carry their new born baby in this wrap from birth.

In addition you get the proper bag to this baby wrap in what you can store it practically.
Age of the child: suitable from birth
Width of the babywrap: extra wide: 80 cm
collection: Limited Edition
Colour: blue white
sling fabric: jacquard weaving -classic-
Care instructions: do not tumble dry ironable delicates 30°
surface weight: surface weight 240 g/sqm
load: max. 15 kg (33 lbs)
Design: Outer Space
Product type: Wrap
Length of babywrap: size 7 - 520 cm/205 inches
blend: 53% cotton, 47% soy
Versandgewicht: 1,12 Kg
Abmessungen: 35,00 × 31,00 × 6,00 cm


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