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I'm Anne, Mama and I am a Mawiba trainer since 4 months.

I started dancing ballet in Thuringia at the age of 6, later I started practicing standard dancing in school. When I moved to Kiel to become a nurse, I had to take a break with my hobby. I only danced when I was a night out in the disco, where I finally met my husband.

Well, we got to know each other quite quickly, fell in love very fast, and we made our first plans for the future pretty soon - but nevertheless the first pregnancy came as a surprise. Unfortunately we had to give birth to our first son in the 20SSW as a stillborn child, which brought us closer together as a couple and strengthened me as a woman and future mother in retrospect.

After my subsequent miracle, my son, who was born 2 years later, I was looking for dance classes again, because dancing always gave me a feeling of serenity and freedom and I wanted to get closer to myself again.

Finally I picked Poledance. That was a big challenge for me, because I am overweight and nobody would suspect that I was attracted by this kind of dance - but I was ambitious. A few months later my daughter "announced" herself. I really wanted to continue dancing. So I got interested in Mawiba. This is a dance concept for pregnant women, mothers with babies and women of all ages who likes gentle pelvic floor training. In April I did my trainer together with my daughter. Here I can dance, spend time with my child and do something for my body. Before I went to this first training I visited a carrying consultant, she introduced me to some of her models and I decided on a model of the brand Fidella.

Anne during Mawib-Training
Anne during Mawib training

I was immediately thrilled - these wonderful light fabrics and so practical adjustment possibilities. Whether the FlyTai, the FlyClick, the Fusion or the Onbuhimo. I like them all and use them not only in my courses, where I also like to loan them out to other moms, but I also use them every day privately, whether on the obligatory trip to the zoo or on a sunny day on the beach. My Fidella is my greatest treasure, especially when it comes to teething. This is her spot where she can rest when she feels exhausted and tired.

Next Sunday I can even perform with Mawiba at the "Day of Sports" in Kiel. I am very happy to bring the joy of dancing closer to other mummies and to motivate them.

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