Wombat Babywearing Jackets Review #2

Read here what Alisa, our second product tester, has to say about Wombat's carrying jackets.

I have thought long and hard about how I can carry my child best in winter. He loves body warmth and loves to be carried. So I had to find a solution so that there wouldn't be any thick layers of clothing between me and my child during the cold season. What follows now is an absolute purchase recommendation for all those who prefer to carry their child.

Babywearing jacket Wallaby 2.0

The inner lining of the Wallaby 2.0 jacket is nice and warm and is perfect for autumn and winter. Cosy, very comfortable to wear, warming and waterproof.

The child does not wear winter clothes under the jacket, but simply something long, comfortable, a few more socks and a beanie. My body heat is transferred to my son and the additional warming lining makes it too cold for nobody. No annoying dressing and undressing in winter. No constricting clothing without freedom of movement. Also in the car there are no annoying and complicated changing maneuvers. Just get out of the jacket, into the child seat. It is as simple as it sounds.

Wombat jacket in green

The jacket is modern, stylish and fits the cosy autumn and winter time.

2in1 - babywearing jacket and stylish winter jacket

If I don't want to carry my baby, the jacket can be transformed into a normal winter jacket with little effort. Isn't it comforting to know that my baby is optimally protected against cold, wind and even snow?

Wombat jacket with a hood

Body warmth and body contact are very important for the baby's bonding and development, and now we don't have to do without them even during nice winter walks. I don't want to miss the jacket anymore.

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Article by: Alisa Battersby

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