Wombat Babywearing Jackets Review #1

In the course of a product test 2 lucky people were allowed to test the Wombat carrying jackets. Read here what Nicolas feedback is.

As a mother of two small children, carrying my baby is an integral part of my everyday life. When it gets colder outside and you have to go outside with your baby even in bad weather, the question inevitably arises how to stay warm and dry. A babywearing jacket offers the huge advantage that you can warm each other under the jacket and you can feel on yourself whether it is warm enough for the baby.

Babywearing jacket Wallaby 2.0

I was allowed to test the "Wallaby 2.0" babywearing jacket from Wombat&Co London for Fidella® and would like to tell you about my impressions and experiences here.

The jacket consists of a waterproof functional fabric on the outside and is lined with a cuddly synthetic fur on the inside. The material feels very high-quality and the processing is optically very good. How resistant and durable the jacket is, of course, can only be said after a long-term test. I can write an update about it in 1-2 years. ;) Since the golden autumn would like to make us happy this year so long, I can unfortunately say nothing to how the "Wallaby" works with wind and cold weather. The water tap test absolutely convinced me of the rain resistance.

Wassertropfen auf dem wasserabweisenden Stoff

I also liked the fit of the jacket with the baby and it didn't feel like you were carrying a tent, as it is unfortunately the case with some other babywearing jackets.

A jacket for life

Wombat advertises that the Wallaby 2.0 is a jacket "for life" and it really is. Without using a baby, you have a normal winter jacket, which is slightly waisted and doesn't make you suspect that it is a maternity and babywearing jacket. In order to improve the fit, two elastic bands are sewn in on the inside, with which you can pull the jacket together a bit at the waist. I like the feminine, figure-hugging cut very much and am glad that the sizes XS - XXXL cover a huge range of sizes.

Jacke ohne Babyeinsatz

Always flexible - with or without baby

The baby insert can be easily inserted by means of a zipper. So you can use the jacket alone on the go and convert it into a babywearing jacket in the twinkling of an eye. So you don't have to take an extra jacket with you, just the insert that fits in every handbag. Depending on how high you wear and the size of your baby, you can close the zipper of the insert as high as you like, so that the jacket always reaches down to the child's neck. Because the insert is also lined with the artificial fur, the baby is really cuddly.

The jacket insert itself also has two adjustment options in the form of elastic bands, so that it is also possible with a smaller baby to adjust the jacket so that it fits tightly and no air can be drawn in from below. My daughter is 11 months old and currently wears size 74. There is definitely a lot of space left (we pulled the elastic straps very tight), so I can imagine that you can use the wearing function until you are toddlers.

Elastische Bänder für 2 Verstellmöglichkeiten

I also liked the fit of the jacket with the baby and it didn't feel like you were carrying a tent, as it is unfortunately the case with some other babywearing jackets.

If you want to carry the baby on your back, the baby insert can also be easily used on your back. Here one must estimate before how high the jacket must be closed and how large the hole should be for the head of the child. Once the jacket is on, it is very difficult to reach the zipper without the help of another person in order to close it further or open it. In order to additionally adjust the width of the hole to the size of the child, the neck can be further adjusted with the help of press studs.

Reißverschluss am Rücken der Tragejacke

I think it's great that the hood can be removed completely so that it doesn't get in the way of the baby carrying it backwards. With a little practice, however, it is no problem to swing the jacket over yourself and the back carry without any help. What unfortunately cannot be avoided is that a small area on the mother's upper back (where the child puts his/her head down) remains free and can therefore draw cold air into the jacket. On really bitterly cold days, wearing it in front of your belly will probably be your first choice.

Tragejacke mit Baby auf dem Rücken

As I already mentioned, there was a lack of wind and cold during my "test phase", I can't say whether the zipper in the back of the jacket is really cold and windproof.

Wombat babywearing jackets: the details

In order to be able to use the Wallaby in every situation, the baby insert also works as a maternity insert. In addition to the sewn-in elastic bands, a separate elastic band is supplied which is wrapped around two buttons so that the jacket insert is gathered together at the chest. Without having to buy an additional accessory, you'll quickly have a stylish maternity jacket. But at the moment others have to do the trying on with baby belly. ;)

Gummiband, das um zwei Knöpfe gewickelt wird, sodass der Jackeneinsatz an der Brust zusammengerafft wird

A nice accessory is the removable scarf, which is also made of faux fur. It can be tied to the jacket at the back of the neck and closed with another button at the front right and left. This keeps the scarf where it is and prevents it from accidentally laying over the baby's face or slipping and letting cold air in. It closes the "gap" which otherwise develops between mum and baby, since one cannot close the jacket up to under the chin.

Schal aus Kunstfell

I personally would have liked it if there would be an option to adjust the "degree of warmth" to the seasons, e.g. a removable lining. So the jacket gets too warm on sunny autumn and spring days.

Altogether I find the Wombat Wallaby 2.0 a very chic and well thought-out babywearing jacket. Since it accompanies you through pregnancy, babywearing time and the time afterwards, I think the price of 179,90 € is definitely justified (considering that otherwise you would buy 3 separate jackets).

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