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Which toddler carrier is right for me and my child?

It’s no secret that even big kids still enjoy closeness with mom and dad in a carrier. No matter whether it's over several hours, or only in between. Wearing the big ones is still just as beautiful! It's even more beautiful that toddlers up to 30 kg can still have fun in all FidellaŽ Toddler models.

But many parents ask themselves: which model is the right one for us?

Fly Tai and FlyClick - the textile all-rounders

If you liked wearing your toddler in a wrap when he or she was a baby and like your wrap to consist of as much textile as possible, the FidellaŽ Fly Tai or the FidellaŽ FlyClick is the ideal solution for you! If you want to carry in front of your stomach, the long, padded shoulder straps can be spread out on your back to distribute your child's weight even better. You can also tie them in several layers over your child's bottom and back, giving them even more stability. Additionally, carrying on the back is not a problem with both models and still spares your back with increasing weight.

view Fly Tai Toddler view FlyClick Plus
Toddler cuddles with the mother while sitting in a Fidella FlyClick in the front carrier position.

Fusion - the handy, comfortable carrier with buckles

Our FidellaŽ Fusion 2.0 Toddler offers all parents who don't like to tie a lot the option of to carry their child comfortably with just a few clicks. Perfect for long marches, the FidellaŽ Fusion has extra thick padding and wide straps, so even 30kg are no problem!

view Fusion Toddler
Mother carries toddler on her back and pushes a wheeled suitcase behind her

Onbuhimo - the back carrier for in-between

More mobile children who prefer to discover the world for themselves, but at some point can't quite keep up with mom and dad, feel very comfortable in the FidellaŽ Onbuhimo back carrier. The compact carrier functions like a backpack and can be well-stowed, compact and handy. The Onbuhimo is also perfect for pregnant women who still want to carry their bigger ones in between, as it has no waist belt.

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Infant in the Onbuhimo back carrier is carried by the father
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