Wrap Conversion

A Wrap Conversion is the modification from a sling into a baby carrier as Mei tai, Half-Buckle or Full-Buckle.

A Wrap Conversion is the modification from a sling into a baby carrier as Mei Tai, Half-Buckle or Full-Buckle. A Wrap Conversion is also called Wrap Tei.

In Germany it is a subordinate baby carrier of the Mei Tai. Here, the strands and the back panel are made of wrap fabric. The shoulder straps are similar to a baby wrap and made of a half width of the wrap. Normally, they can be fanned out over the shoulders to spread out the weight of the child. The straps are often longer than the straps of a classical Mei Tai. You can fan out the straps across the bottom of the baby to reinforce the tying technique. 

A Wrap Conversion is much more variable than a Mei Tai due to more carrying options. 
In the USA all carriers made of wrap fabric are called Wrap Conversion. There is no difference between a Mei Tai and a Full-Buckle.