What is the proper carry wear?

How should I dress my child, so that it is wrapped warmly but not sweating?

What is the proper clothing while carrying?

How should I dress my child while carrying ,so that it isn`t sweating or freezing?While carrying a child, certain points should be noted.

A basic rule: Less is often more!

Our tips for the proper clothing while carrying:

  • Select light and less bulky clothing which allows a good spread-squat-position.
  • Instead of dressing your baby too thick you should dress your child with different layers. This creates some leeway to dress or undress your baby.
  • Thick clothing under a sling leads to presure marks, impedes blood circulation and limits the movement of your baby.
  • Due to the special cut and the soft cloth, Fidella`s Kidswear is perfect while carrying. The extra long leg and arm cuffs ensure that the clothing does not slip inside. Thus, your baby will always feel cuddly and soft and won`t get any bruises.