Tandem carrying - Carrying two children at a time

You can carry two children simultaneously: This video shows you how to handle. You get further information in our FAQ glossary.

Two or more children are carried at the same time. It can be twins or siblings.

There are different varieties:

  1. Both children can be carried in a wrap on the hip at the same time. Therefore, the Amanda Hip Carry is usable.
  2. Both children can be carried in front of the belly in a wrap, each of it in one strap. This wrapping technique is only usable up to a maximum weight of 3-4 kg per baby.
  3. The children can be carried with two wraps: one on your back, the other one in front of your belly.
  4. Both children can be carried on your hips.
  5. Both children can be carried in two carriers, or one in a wrap and the other one in a baby carrier. Baby carriers for twins are not recommended.

Front: Wrap Cross Carry
Back: Simple Backpack


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