Surface Weight

What is the difference between different surface weights?

The surface weight tells you the weightiness and thickness of a wrap fabric. If a wrap has less than 200 g/m˛ surface weight the wrap is thin and soft. It is usable for newborns and in summer.

A wrap is an allrounder with a surface weight of up to 250 g/m˛.

If a wrap has a surface weight of more than 280 g/m˛ it is made of best quality. You have to be an advanced girder to use a wrap with this surface weight.

Attention: The surface weight gives no information about the fibres or the binding properties. A wrap with a surface weight of 180 g/m˛ made of a hemp mixture can be as sturdy as a wrap made of 100 % cotton with a surface weight of 230 g/m˛.