Reinforced Rear Rebozo Backpack

Typically Rebozo: One strand runs over the shoulder, the other below the shoulder. Because of the rotation of the cloth, both sling sides stand out nicely

The RRRR is a multi-layer version of the Backpack, closed with a knot at the shoulder. Typically Rebozo is: One strand runs over the shoulder, the other one underneath the armspit. It is a popular back carrying method for the base size + 1. Due to the chest pass, the weight of the child is spread out optimally. Usable from sitting or walking age.

Due to the twisted cloth, both sling sides appear gorgeous on the back.

You can also finish this binding technique with a Candy Cane Chest Belt to prevent the shoulder strands from slipping off the shoulders. This finish is called Pirate Carry. For this finish you need a residual cloth of 50 cm minimum length.

Suitable from sitting age.

Wrap length: Size 2-4