Frankencarry - Double Hammock

The "Frankencarry" is a finish of the Double Hammock. From the front it looks like a dress. 2 Sling Rings are needed.

Also called Kelly`s Frankencarry. This is a finish of the Double Hammock. Here, 3 layers wrap around the baby. Two Sling Rings are tied within the wrap as a finish on the height of your collar bone. Following, both ends are drawn through the chest pass and the hip belt.
This tying technique is for advanced girders. It looks like a dress in the end. You need a wrap base size + 1.
Due to the asymmetrical sling binding, this binding method is suitable from walking age,.

Pictures (Click on the picture to see the sling):

Fidella Frankencarry

Fidella FrankencarryFidella Frankencarry

Fidella Frankencarry

Fidella Frankencarry Double hammockFidella Frankencarry Rucksack