Travel diary - Zillertal

Flo, our @papa_hoch_drei, on vacation with his family. Find out, what the five of them experience on their trips here in our travel diary

Off to the Zillertal

Familie am Strand

At 6 o'clock in the morning we left for the Zillertal. Because of the heat we chose the early departure time. The first third of the route to behind Stuttgart, ran as usual, very sluggish. Well, that was nothing new for us, but it was still annoying. After that it went perfectly, and we decided for the route over our beloved Allgäu.

After a short break at the rest stop "Allgäuer Tor", with refreshments for the boys and cappuccino for mum & dad, we went on towards Austria.Meanwhile the sun was already quite high in the sky and the temperatures climbed to a little over 30° C. So, we decided for another stop in Austria to stretch our legs again and let the boys run.

Inzwischen stand die Sonne schon ganz schön hoch am Himmel und die Temperaturen kletterten auf etwas über 30° C. Somit haben wir uns für einen weiteren Stopp in Österreich entschieden, um nochmal die Beine zu vertreten und die Jungs rennen zu lassen.

The stop was really good and was beautifully situated at a small stream, so that it became a longer break and we went for a little walk. The last kilometers were very long and after about 7 hours we arrived at HELL's holiday resort in Fügen.

Dreamlike holiday resort

Familie am Strand

Arriving on site, we were warmly welcomed by the Hell family. We had a great apartment with a view of the mountains, the campsite and the pool.

After we had unpacked the suitcases, we went on an exploration tour. Because the holiday resort had a lot to offer. From indoor and outdoor playground, swimming pool, fitness room and sauna, there was something for everyone.

First, we grabbed our swimsuits and went for a swim. The cooling was really good at these temperatures.

to be continued...

Flo, our @papa_hoch_drei, is on vacation with his family. Find out, what the five of them experience on their trips here in our travel diary!

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