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Travel diary - Lake Garda

In the last stop of her journey Janine and her family are going to Lake Garda in Italy

Vacation at Lake Garda in a narrow alley.

The last destination of our big parental leave trip was Lake Garda. Here we let our souls relax and spent a lot of time at the lake, looking back on our holidays.

Packed with some food and swimsuits we actually used our buggy to have a lot of storage space or to park our sleeping one-year-old in the shade while we could enjoy the last sunrays.

The most beautiful place for us was Malcesine and it was so bumpy that we were so happy to have our Fidella with us - so we could enjoy our very last day of vacation really #stayclosefeelfree and without shaky contact! Now our journey is over, and I am happy that I could take you with me!

- translated from German

Janine @unsere_weite_welt


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