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Travel diary - Adriatic Sea

Carrying at 40 degrees? Of course! Read about Janine's next stop: the Adriatic Sea

Janine is standing on a bridge carrying Lennart in front of her in a Fidella baby carrier .

Our journey goes on - from Austria we went directly to the Adriatic Sea - there we spent a wonderful day with friends in Lignano and slept one night in a houseboat - the next day led us to hot Venice.

At almost 40 degrees we reached for our buggy - but after the tenth bridge in Venice and annoyed faces of all of us we decided to carry pur sun.

We were already wet and sweaty, and I was really worried how hot we might get while carrying, but I was absolutely surprised.

As soon as I put Lennart in the Fidella®, everything felt regulated - it wasn't too hot at all and in the crowds it was much more comfortable for me with my baby on my body than to leave him in the buggy to overindulge. So we had a wonderful day in Venice!

- translated from German

Janine @unsere_weite_welt


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