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Travel diary

My Family and me use to travel a lot, so this summer we are going to a Europe trip for 3 weeks. First stop: Sardinia. I am so happy to let you be a part of it!

1. Sardinia

On our first trip in October, with just the 4 of us, we could have left the stroller already at home. - Our son loves to be carried and with his almost 12 months and almost 10 kilos it is so important for me not to use a bulky, heavy carrier.

The FidellaŽ FlyClick is super light and the material is so soft and comfortable that it's just such a luxury to carry it.

the FlyClick in Leopard snuggling up

On our current trip to Sardinia our son has already fallen asleep before boarding, so the whole check-in was a piece of cake.

get on the plane with the FlyClick

During the whole trip the FlyClick was actually our faithful buddy - on the market in the crowd, on the way to hidden bays and when we were hiking it was mainly used by my husband! Always safe and close to us so we could do everything without restrictions as we are used to doing it with our already eight-year-old son.

FlyClick as a loyal companion on the market

Even on the way home the smallest of us fell asleep before check-in so also the take off of our night flight was a snap.

Back home we are going to spent exactly one night in our bed bevor we start traveling by car again! The FidellaŽ carriers are one of the top essentials on our packing list!

Janine @unsere_weite_welt

Hiking with the FlyClick

2. Austria

Our current holiday destination is Ramsau am Dachstein in Austria - the surrounding area offers an incredible number of attractions for families and since we are travelling with an active eight-year-old in addition to our almost one-year-old, we don't want to miss out on any adventures!

On a rainy day we went through the Silberkarklamm with our FidellaŽ Fusion - thanks to the free hands hiking was completely safe and we all had a lot of fun!

Climbing stairs with the Fidella Fusion

Our next adventure led us up a mountain in the cable car - with nothing but the carrier I had dared to take the baby into an open gondola - just perfect! Also the way down from the small mountain on foot to the valley was more than pleasant thanks to the light and comfortable carrier!

Our next stop is only a few days ahead and we are happy that the FidellaŽ accompanies us every day.

the eight-year-old climbs at the adventure playground

3. Adriatic Sea

Janine is standing on a bridge carrying Lennart in front of her in a Fidella baby carrier .

Our journey goes on - from Austria we went directly to the Adriatic Sea - there we spent a wonderful day with friends in Lignano and slept one night in a houseboat - the next day led us to hot Venice.

At almost 40 degrees we reached for our buggy - but after the tenth bridge in Venice and annoyed faces of all of us we decided to carry pur sun.

We were already wet and sweaty, and I was really worried how hot we might get while carrying, but I was absolutely surprised.

As soon as I put Lennart in the FidellaŽ, everything felt regulated - it wasn't too hot at all and in the crowds it was much more comfortable for me with my baby on my body than to leave him in the buggy to overindulge. So we had a wonderful day in Venice!

4. Lake Garda

The last destination of our big parental leave trip was Lake Garda. Here we let our souls relax and spent a lot of time at the lake, looking back on our holidays.

Packed with some food and swimsuits we actually used our buggy to have a lot of storage space or to park our sleeping one-year-old in the shade while we could enjoy the last sunrays.

The most beautiful place for us was Malcesine and it was so bumpy that we were so happy to have our Fidella with us - so we could enjoy our very last day of vacation really #stayclosefeelfree and without shaky contact! Now our journey is over, and I am happy that I could take you with me!

Janine @unsere_weite_welt

Vacation at Lake Garda in a narrow alley.
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