That's why we support toddler-wearing

"Your child is much too spoiled!"

"Can she/he even walk?"

"You're going to break your back!"

These are just a few preconceived ideas that probably everyone who carries their toddler has already heard. We've put together some counter-arguments to explain why carrying small children is both beautiful and meaningful.

Carrying toddlers

Even toddlers want to be carried now and again. Either simply to have a cuddle, or to rest. When you take your child on your arm, the body automatically aligns itself to get better balance. Due to the unergonomic strain, this is neither healthy for the back nor for the pelvic floor. From an ergonomic point of view, it is therefore better to carry your toddler with a wrap or a carrier. In this case, the child is bound close to the body of the wearer, the spine is automatically strained straightly and evenly. And even if many think that you're breaking your back because of the higher weight, this is not quite true: because whoever carries a child from the beginning, strengthens back muscles in this way.

A toddler being carried in the Fly Tai Toddler Wold design

On the road with a toddler carrier

Toddlers have a lot of fun exploring the world, romping around and jumping. Every now and then, you start sweating when you have to run after them. At some point little legs get tired and need a break. When you're on the road, a suitable toddler stretcher is extremely practical.

Even if you're in a hurry, a baby sling is very helpful. Everyone knows that even a short trip with an infant can feel like an eternity. More mobile children like to stop everywhere because everything is interesting for them and they want to discover things. This isn't necessarily a problem at first, as this is how children learn. But if you're under time constraints, you can quickly put your toddler into a carrier. This way, you can travel faster and the child can still explore the world.

Once the stress of everyday life has subsided, the carrier can also be used for quiet hours. Toddlers also seek and need the closeness and affection of their parents. So if your toddler wants to be carried, it's up to YOU alone if and how long you want to carry him or her. Listen to the signals your child is sending - you know best how to interpret them!

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