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Always pay attention when choosing the length of  a baby carrier. The wrap should not be too long to prevent you from tripping or getting caught. The standard length of a sling is 460 cm. Standard dimensions of an elastic sling are: length 5.5 m, width 60 cm and narrow tapered ends 20 cm. Thus, the nodes of the cloth is easier.

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Carry instructions for your smartphone

Carry-Me App Bindeanleitungen für IOS und Android Grafik
CarryMe App

You are using a babywrap for the first time and don’t really know how to use it? No problem with the free Fidella "CarryMe App".

The Fidella "CarryMe App" offers you a wide selection of instructions for different wrapping techniques. We not only explain the different styles in the step-by-step instruction, but also show the corresponding videos, which show you the styles, how to create them and thus make the carrying easier.