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Actor Jan Hartmann: always on the road with kids

As an actor in a cruise series, you're constantly on the road somewhere else. No wonder that the ship‘s "wedding planner" Jan Hartmann and his...


Travel diary - We are "Familie hoch³"

Flo, our @papa_hoch_drei, is on tour with his family. What the five of them experience on their trips, you can read in the next weeks here in our...


Travel diary

My Family and me use to travel a lot, so this summer we are going to a Europe trip for 3 weeks. First stop: Sardinia. I am so happy to let you be a...


Wombat Babywearing Jackets Review #1

In the course of a product test 2 lucky people were allowed to test the Wombat carrying jackets. Read here what Nicolas feedback is.


Hot Town, Summer in the City

In our first year as babies, we practically spent the summer sleeping. Which somehow wasn't bad, after all, the summer of 2016 was quite...


We lift the anchors and set sail

I love the sea! Hardly any dream vacation passes - our evening sleep ritual - without me telling you about the sea. The sound of the waves....