Tandem babywearing 28.07.2015 12:16

Being flexible with twins or two kids? No Problem!

To care for two toddlers at the same time isn't that easy- but the tandem wearing can simplify the life of parents with two kids/twins!

A twin- buggy can be annoying if you are walking through a forest or fields -with one baby on the back and one on the chest your moving can definitely be more comfortably. Twins or siblings can be worn at the same time with two slings. There are different ways of tying that allow the parallel wearing like the

Front Wrap Cross Carry and the Rucksack Back Carry

With some practice you can learn it step by step recommendably with the help of a babywearing consultant. In the babywearing consulting you can first try with some demo-dolls (dummies) before handling the technique with your own kids.

To feel more secure, it is recommended to do the first tests of babywearing with a second person as supporter.


Tandem Babywearing in Two Fly Tais

Also with two Mei Tais it’s possible to do tandemwearing-watch here the video of the baby consultant of Tandem Trouble!

Tandem wearing of 2 toddlersTandem babywearing

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