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Summer does not mean that you have to give up babywearing!

A woman is wearing her daughter in a Fidella Drops -pinkish sand- baby wrap in size 6

Here a few advices to keep cool:
There are some single layer methods of babywearing that are particularly suited for summer temperature like the Rucksack back Carry or the front Kangaroo Carry. For the one who carries it is less warm to use ties that are not directly set on the waist like the Front Wrap Cross Carry. It is cooler for the kid to tie the crosses bunched and not to spread the sling. The Rucksack back Carry can be tied with a knot under the baby’s bottom for not having more cloth wrapped around the waist. During hot weather usually it is more comfortably for older babies to be worn on the back instead of being carried on the breast but the best way is to find it out while interacting with the toddler.

Um kühl zu bleiben ist es für ältere Kleinkinder normalerweise angenehmer auf dem Rücken, als auf der Brust getragen zu werden. Jedoch kann man dies am Besten individuell durch Interaktion mit dem Kind herausfinden.

Onbuhimo back carrier for hot summer days

The Onbuhimo is very suitable for hot summer days. It is a baby carrier that can be used as a back carrier if the baby is able to sit (approx. size 80) and is very comfortable to wear during hot weather because of its missing hip strap. Like a backpack it is possible to put it on and off very quickly and it is carried relatively high on the back.
It fits very well to bigger kids, who are doing their own discovering tours during a summer walk but still love to be carried now and then.

A babywearing dad is wearing his son in a Fidella Chevron -plain umber- Onbuhimo back carrier

How to keep your baby safe in the sun

It is also important to avoid over-heating: You have to drink plenty of water and your little one as well. That means if you are still breastfeeding- do it as often as your baby wants and as well change the breast according to his pleasure. Instinctively the baby will change the side of the breast to get more watery foremilk. If your baby does not get breast milk anymore, sure it has to drink plenty of water.

It is recommended to avoid direct sun light and particularly not to walk in the sun during the midday sun from 10 am-2 pm. With a fan (or an improvised magazine) you can refresh yourself and your baby with some fresh air. A wet towel can be a refreshing alternative as well but you have to take caution because in particular younger babies cannot regulate their temperature quite well. For that reason you have to take care that your baby does not get too cold. Furthermore you should not use ice packs or cloths that are soaked with ice water directly on your little one’s body. Occasionally you should take a break. For that you can use your sling as a sheet to rest a few minutes in the shade.

According to sun protection of the skin: It is not recommended to use sun lotion for babies less than 6 months old. To protect the baby you can use a sun hat or a parasol for example. Furthermore a muslin nappy can be put loosely on thebaby's head (not on the face) or between the baby's head and the back of the one who carries to not stick on their skin. Arms and legs should be covered with some airy cloth and some parts of the body (excluded the face) can be protected as well by the sling. Shea butter and coconut oil can provide some natural skin protection against the sun and they are suitable for babies.

Suitable instructions for hot summer days

Simple Back Carry

Kangaroo Carry

Wrap Cross Carry

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