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That's how you get through the summer as a pregnant woman

On Facebook and Instagram we've asked for your ultimate tips on how to survive the hot summer as a pregnant woman.

30 degrees and being pregnant isn't the best combo. We've collected a few tips so you don't have to melt away.

Here are the most common answers from your comments. Stay cool!

  1. Drink lots of water! For the extra kick you can also mix lemon, lime, berries or mint into the water.
  2. Eat your water: many fruits such as melon or even cucumber consist to a large extent of water and taste great
  3. Change walks to early in the morning or late in the evening
  4. Eat light food that is not too heavy in the stomach. For example soup or salads. Best eaten in several small portions.
  5. Cool your skin with a water spray bottle, wet washcloth, cool packs or a fan
  6. Put you feet into water or go swimming
  7. Little movement and stay inside
  8. Wear airy clothing or none at all
  9. Sleep as much as possible
  10. Carry with the Onbuhimo
  11. Eat ice cream - yummy!
  12. Cut hair short

- translated from German

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