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Still shoving or already carrying?!

To save the world you need both hands free! Heroes like John Holtadipolta carry their babies!

Fidella FlyTai - front carry

Fidella FlyTai - back carry

Fidella carriers

Fidella FlyTai - Mei Tai carrier

Fidella FlyTai baby carrier

The Fidella Fly Tai baby carrier isn`t closed with buckles but with a knot at hip and shoulder strings. It is a mixture of a wrap and a baby carrier.

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Fidella Fusion - Full-Buckle carrier

Fidella Fusion-Full Buckle carrier

The Fidella Fusion is a Full-Buckle baby carrier which is closed with buckles on hip and shoulders.

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Fidella Onbuhimo back carrier

Fidella Onbu back carrier

The Fidella Onbuhimo is a back carrier especially for older children.

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