Slings with hemp- rugged fibers with a lot of talents 24.06.2015 10:14

Shebra Smoke Hanftuch Hemp is particularly one thing- it’s a tough natural-fiber. But there are not only sails, tents and ropes are made of hemp- there are more and more slings that can be embellished with the name of “hemp”.

But why are slings made of hemp that kind of special?

First, we are going to learn something about the topic “hemp plant”- what is it consisting of? The hemp fibers are made of the stalks, called “Cannabis Sativa” in Latin. In the sector of textile there are used the so-called long fibers. 

A hemp sling is fighting against prejudices till today- because it is called as a sling that is “difficult to bind” and “a beast” that need to be “tamed” which is really intensive to care for. Furthermore it endures a lot of time until they are soft and that need to be washed and ironed a thousand times to get a comfortable sling out of it. But our latest hemp sling Fidella Outer Space -blue hemp- proves that although the sling consists of 40% of hemp it is really soft and tame from the very first

With the hemp sling there is not only coming a potential new favorite sling in your closet –it also goes along with a lot of positive characteristics:

Outer Space Hanf Tuch mit Sternen

Because of the regulation of moisture it has a cooling effect and is balancing the temperature in summer! But also in winter the appreciated hemp sling must not disappear in the closet-  while really cold weather it keeps you cuddly warm. A real feel-good sling also for daily use: The most often you use it, the softer gets the surface although it keeps its rigidity. 

The rigidity that hemp goes along with makes it very interesting for parents with older kids. Absolutely proven for bigger toddlers, hemp supports with its massive texture and its diagonal elasticity also heavier kids.

Who touches for the first time a hemp sling will be surprised: Irregularities, small errors in the weaving pattern, small nodules -is that alright? The answer is definitely: Yes! The listed characteristics are very typical for hemp slings and give every sling an individual touch.

It is recommended to wash the hemp slings with 40 degrees in the washing machine to keep it in good shape. The best way is a delicate wash with a low spin speed-then get it well-rinsed for not leaving some backlogs in the fibers. Also important: Put some money into a good detergent. It should be a liquid and without insoluble solids. 

Who is following all these care instructions for a hemp sling will have a lot of fun with it for a long time – no matter what season!

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