Production of the Fidella Babywraps

The Fidella slings are manufactured in Turkey.

Why in Turkey?

This is partly due to a deep personal attachment to the land, its people and its culture

We travel regularly for years in this wonderful country and have learned to appreciate and love it.

In Turkey, family values ​​and children are especially great written and it is a joy to see the smile that conjures up in the face of a Turkish businessman when it comes to producing the Fidella baby slings.

The textile industry has a long tradition in Turkey

Organic cotton

During the Ottoman Empire, it was mainly carpets, which gained worldwide fame.

Today, Turkey is 900 thousand tons per year of the sixth largest cotton supplier in the world. Particular attention is paid to the ecological cultivation, because Turkey provides 40% of global organic cotton. The textile industry makes it the largest share of Turkey's gross domestic product.

Our fabrics are naturally made of 100% organic cotton (organic).

But that alone is not enough for us: it is especially important to us to have a personal contact with our suppliers. So it is natural for us that during the production of our staff is on site to monitor the quality and of course the working conditions.