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A listing of the product reviews for all Fidella products

Baby size: Fidella Fly Tai - Mei Tai baby carrier - Zen -super pink- weave -honeycomb-

This carrier is super soft and I love the combination padded/wrap straps on both the waist and shoulders. The adjustable panel makes it fit my tiny newborn perfectly and will give us lots of time to grow into it. Its an extremely comfortable carrier and I highly reccomend it! Also I appreciate how promptly it was shipped!


Baby size: Fidella Fusion baby carrier with buckles - Dancing Leaves -spring haze-

Im very happy with my purchase and cant wait to try the baby carrier! Im sure my baby will love it as well! 😊


Baby size: Fidella Fusion baby carrier with buckles Outer Space -blue-

In love with the product already! Excellent service, fast shipping, high quality, etc. It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Baby size: Fidella Fusion babycarrier demonstration model - design by availability

I can Fidella Fusion only recommend! It is truly great fullwrap baby carrier, comfortable for you and for your baby as well. Soft, adjustable, with many small details I really like. I would prefer the shoulder straps a little bit more padded but for a small baby theres no need. Beautiful designs, perfectly done and very very shippment!


Babysize: Fidella FlyTai - Mei Tai baby carrier Kaleidoscope -sand-

Fast delivery service, excellent fabric quality, smart design, beautiful colors and, most importantly, my baby girl seems to be comfortable and safe inside!


Babysize: Fidella FlyTai - MeiTai babycarrier -Persian Paisley -jungle-

One of the best things Ive bought for my son. Really easy and the little guy loves it. Usually it tales a long time to help him sleep, even when he is in my arms but with this he is happy and falls asleep in under 5 minutes.


Fidella baby wrap - Drops -pinkish sand- 460 cm - size 6

Love my Pinkish Sand! Soft & floppy out of bag. Wonderful to wrap with. Colors look nudish & complements clothing easily. Fast delivery too!


Fidella baby wrap - Sirens -blue- linen - 460 cm - size 6

Althought its winter now,this purchase brought to me so much summer and sound of is easy to wrap a newborn


I have have some wraps with linen in it. They normaly have tot break Inn, but this wrap is soft from the beginning. It is already one of or favorites for thuis summer. 😍


Fidella baby wrap - Wild Rose -mossy green- 460 cm - size 6

Im very pleased with my new baby wrap. Its beauiful and my baby loves it. It certainly makes cooking and play with siblings - much easier.


Fidella Babywrap - Amors Love Arrows -green-

This Babywrap looks really good, the fabric is nice and comfy. I am happy with it.


Fidella babywrap - Amors Love Arrows -plum-

The wrap is very soft and the colours are as you can See in the picture, i love it so much! The delivery is very fast.


I love it ! its so soft


my wraps is just so wow!! the shipping was in less Than 48 hours and im living in Canada!


Fidella babywrap -Iced Butterfly -violet-

I recieved this wrap in super fast time. When I got it, it was so soft. I really loved the width of this wrap because I found it gave a really good, deep seat. I love the colour and the pattern because we totally adore butterflies in this house. This was my first Fidella and Im so glad we purchased. Ive used it in this house for all 3 of my girls aged 1, 2 and 3yrs.


Fidella babywrap -Outer Space -blue hemp-

A bought a Fidella Outer Space size 7 with 40% hemp, and I can not be happier with my purchase. The design is beautiful, the hemp gives it extra support, and the extra width is just amazing for my heavy 11 months old big baby. I highly reccomend it for every mama´s stash. Xx


This was my first ringsling purchase and I am very pleased! The hemp needed no breaking in at all and makes the ringsling supportive despite its thinness. The colors are much more lovely in person. The natural hemp threads have a sheen to them that looks silvery against the dark blue. This would be a great addition to anyones stash.


Fidella babywrap -Persian Paisley smoke-

This wrap is my first woven wrap after being experienced only with stretchy hybrid ones, and it has been a breathe to wrap my baby with it, straight from the bag. Ive experienced all kind of carries and my baby seems to always be super comfy in it, falling asleep very easily. Even if the wrap job is a bit saggy, theres a good support and baby feels good. To my opinion, its a very good quality, versatile wrap, for all experience levels. I love how easy it is to wash it, how fast it dries and that its made from organic cotton. The pattern and color are gorgeous, very sweet, soft and soothing. Im definitively in love with it!


Fidella babywrap -Rock n Rolla -blue-

Amazing service with 4 day shipping from Germany to New Zealand. The wrap is really soft out of the bag(love that it comes in a rock n rolla bag), and the pattern is perfect for my DJ, guitar playing, music loving husband.


Fidella babywrap -Rock n Rolla -silver-

Once again, incredible super fast(4days?) shipping from Germany to New Zealand. love the wrap, colours are true to pics, wraps is soft but strong.


Fidella babywrap -Shiva Spirit -green -

I couldnt believe how fast I got it in the USA. Its even prettier in person. A beauty to wrap with and very economical. I love it.


Fidella babywrap -Sirens -raspberry-

Shipping was fast. Wrap is so soft even in loom state. It passes easily and is incredibly supportive. Ill buy from Fidella again.


Fidella babywrap Shebra -pink-

My 1st wrap, cannot compare with others but im very satisfied with the material. Some more the service very fast! Ive got my wrap within 3 days, its looks like the shop just next door :).


Mein erstes Fidella und ich bin begeistert. Der Versand ging ruck-zuck und ohne Probleme. Das Tuch ist pink und blau, erscheint aber mehr lila. Ich habe einige Tuecher in Lila-toenen, aber dieses sticht wirklich heraus. Es laesst sich toll binden . Freue mich auf noch mehr tolle Farben!


Fidella babywrap Shiva Spirit - plum -

Absolutely gorgeous colors and design. Wraps beautifully and very supportive.


A photo can not grasp the wonderfullness of this amazing wrap. The colors are popping turquoise and deep plum, not at all as blue as the pictures shows.


Fidella Fusion 2.0 Baby Carrier with buckles - London - beige - Toddler

I wish I have found it earlier. It is very comfortable for the baby. We carry in front and at the back. In both positions it is very easy to put it on and adjust. Definitely recommend.


Fidella Onbuhimo back carrier -Persian Paisley hazel

Its good for short carriers, definitely not for long trips


Fidella Onbuhimo V2 back carrier - Cubic Lines - pale grey

Shipping to the United States was very fast. I ordered on a Wednesday morning and the item arrived Friday morning before 9 am. My son is 8.5 months about 7.5 kg (17 lbs) 71 cm (28 inches). The onbuhimo could be adjusted down to fit him. We are both still getting used to using this type of carrier. I love the color of the carrier. It is very neutral, but elegant. I know my son has room to grow with this carrier. My daughter is almost 4 years old, about 1 meter (40 inches) and 15.8 kg (35lbs) and she was supported from knee to knee in the carrier. The shoulder padding seems to be sufficient and the webbing is not uncomfortable although I have yet to wear for long periods. So far I am pleased with the carrier and excited to use it as my son gets bigger and more comfortable with back carries.


Fidella Onbuhimo V2 back carrier - Wild Rose -mossy green-

Comfy and easy to use. Great quality. Better than expected.


Fidella sling rings -big-

Tolle Qualität, farbe ähnelt sehr dem Türkis


Bin total begeistert! Ich verwende die Ringe für ein seidenes Babytragetuch.


Fidella suck pad for baby carriers - Persian Paisley -smoke-

Im very satisfied with this item.


New size: Fidella Fly Tai - Mei Tai baby carrier - Dancing Leaves -spring haze-

Baby and Mom both love this carrier. Its gorgeous and sturdy and its super soft right out of the bag. Between the padding and the spreadable straps you are guaranteed to find a comfortable fit and have no pressure points. Im amazed with how well his weight is distributed. It feels like a nice hug for both of us. My guy fell asleep almost instantly the first time I got him up in it. The design is great with the adjustable panel allowing it to grow with baby, and I love that the hood doubles as an extra neck cushion. I cant say enough good things about this baby carrier.


In every way, this carrier is perfect! The design is flawless, the pattern is beautiful, and the construction is sturdy!


New size: Fidella Fly Tai - Mei Tai baby carrier - Drops -pinkish sand-

This carrier is even better in person, so soft with plenty of support, and extra sleepy dust!


New size: Fidella Fly Tai - Mei Tai baby carrier - Wild Rose -mossy green-

Absolutely love it... We got if for our 7 month old daughter, despite her being slightly shorter (72cm) perfect fit! She loves it, and we love it too, very simple to tie.. The only thing is that it does not have padded leg openings - bit disappointing other sizes do! WHY? Fabric is beautiful, soft and finish perfect. RECOMMENDED


New Size: Fidella Fly-Tai - Mei-Tai babycarrier Arizona -licorice-

This is the first wrap style carrier Ive ever purchased. I had been eying the design forever and couldnt resist. I love it! Not only is it soft and beautiful, its functional and very comfortable to wear. It came with very helpful wrap instructions and its very own storage bag. My daughter loves being worn in it. Plus it allows me the freedom to carry my child and accomplish daily tasks at home. The craftsmanship of this product is really amazing. I love this carrier. I have a lot of neck and back issues and this adjusts to fit the baby and distributes the weight well.


New Size: Fidella FlyTai - MeiTai baby carrier Rock n Rolla - green splash -

So comfortable and so beautiful!! Carried my son for four hours the other day and it didnt hurt att all! And i have many back problems so that says a lot! So happy with my purchase


New Size: Fidella FlyTai - MeiTai babycarrier Iced Butterfly smoke

Bought this one in New size and I couldnt be more happy. The fabric is so soft and workable. Its so easy to adjust the size so it fits your baby. The only thing I can think of to give some sour about is the cap. Its difficult to put it on when the baby is sleeping and if I manage its not covering her properly. More like extra neck support. If your gonna use extra bit-protecters you cant use cap. But still, if you think about the wrapping, how easy it works.. I love it=)


New Size: Fidella FlyTai - MeiTai babycarrier Sirens -raspberry-

Fast to arrive and the best product. Very good experience and my baby loves it :)


My order for the FlyTai came super quick, and Im very happy with the carrier. I got my 7 month old up easily both front and back.


I love this carrier, starting with the print to how comfortable it is. Totally worth the money


This Fly Tai is gorgeous, soft... all you can ask for! Amazing!


O bought this fly ty to use with my 8th month daughter. I already had tried another carrier system with her but wasnt comfortable. This fly ty is very comfortable and is more practical to use that we may think at the first place. Its very light, soft and have a beautiful colour. Very easy to adjust. I live in another country and all the process of purchase and delivery was very easy and fast. 5 stars to Fidella.


Toddler Size: Fidella Fly Tai - Mei Tai baby carrier - Cherry -sorbet-

We just got it, but I am already satisfied. It is very soft and comfortable, the colors are nice and my toddler fell asleep in a few minutes.


Toddler size: Fidella Fly Tai - Mei Tai baby carrier - Cupcake Kiss -blueberry-

Our fidella arrived today and was everything we hoped and more. I hardly had my daughter half wrapped and she was yawning. Sleepy dust must be sewn right in. The print is even more stunning in person. Thank you! One happy customer and her sweetly sleeping little one.


Toddler size: Fidella Fly Tai - Mei Tai baby carrier - Dancing Leaves -autumn sunset-

Like every kind of wrap, it takes some practice, but when you get it its amazing, my son loves it, fell asleep instantly


Toddler size: Fidella Fly Tai baby carrier - Outer Space blue

I love it. Very soft. And within 3 days it was deleverd. My son loved it immediatly and fell asleep within 5 minutes Loving it


Toddler size: Fidella Fusion baby carrier Iced Butterfly - violet -

Suggested by a friend I immediately fell in love with Fidella carrier! I saw how her baby was comfortable and secure in hers so I decided to get one. Pretty expensive though but it is worth it, considering the fabric, the line, the use I will make of it for the next few years. Adjustable around my body and my babys body. Yes, it is very good!!!