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Here you can find all the information about our new designs!
New collection: Fidella Paris in the color -charming black- Travelling around the world! Travelling doesn`t only inspire us but also creates wonderful moments & memories. Big city - love, life, being parents! We love the numerous facets of the world`s [...] more
NEW: Fidella Fusion 2.0 TODDLER Fidella Fusion Toddler 2.0 – comfortably wear your toddlers of up to a maximum weight of 30 kg! We are very proud to present you the new Fidella Fusion 2.0 for toddlers. You may carry your [...] more
New collection: Fidella Kaleidoscope in the color -ocean teal- Life means change. A look into the caleidoscopes of our childhood shows how quick things can change. The secret to these changes is to focus on shaping the new, because the ways of life only [...] more
New collection: Fidella Lines in the colors -grey stone- & -blue stone- Experience special moments together! Our Fidella Lines makes your babywearing moments perfect - it doesn`t matter with whom you experience these moments: your best friend, your partner or your [...] more
New design: Fidella Paper Clips -vintage vibes- Back to... is the autumnal fashion theme this year. Naturalness meets vintage flair. The colour tone petrol is the trend colour this autumn - vintage, fine and flamboyant. The mixed colour of [...] more
New design: Fidella Persian Paisley -desert night- The Paisley design is one of the most popular and well-known patterns of fashion history. It signifies elegance and exclusiveness. The leaf and drop shape patterns are often richly ornamented. [...] more
New design: Fidella Feather Rain -scuba blue- Inviting you to a dance at a sunny summer day! Time for a long ,summer sunshine good mood walk' in nature with our Fidella Feather Rain -scuba blue-. Wrap the soft fabric around you and your [...] more
New design: Fidella Cubic Lines -pale grey- Our Cubic Lines -pale grey- is a particularly neat mixture/assemblage of patterns. Straight lines, squares and triangles in different sizes and variations line up in regular rows to form an [...] more
New design: Fidella Medley -serenity blue- We have reason to celebrate! Take the opportunity to extend your wrap pile/ collection with a Best of of all Fidella wrap designs. For all Fidella fans (and those who want to become one) we [...] more
New design: Fidella Blossom -ocean blue- Mom and dad will be babywearing with pleasure with our Fly Tai toddler size Blossom -ocean blue-. A sea full of flowers on a waterblue warp and a soft light blue weft. A perfect baby wrap for [...] more
New design: Fidella Amors Love Arrows -grape- Fresh and fruity - this is how our Fidella Amors Love Arrows -grape- appears! A lilac shade of a ripe and scrumptious grape, in combination with a marshmallow colour accent, make this design [...] more
New design: Fidella Hugs and Kisses -blue heaven- XOXO is one synonym for hugs and kisses. It is the abbreviation for a returning wording, used as a friendly salutation in a Chat or Messenger conversation. Hugs are all-rounders to show our [...] more
New design: Fidella Unicorn Tale -pink rose- Our unicorn is galloping through the rose pink world of fairy tales and fables, searching for new adventures on an exciting journey. Its way leads past the beach with its thunderous waves [...] more
New design: Fidella Sunday Sloth -french roast- It´s getting comfortable with Fidella®! Family Sloth meets at tea-time on a chilly Sunday evening to make themselves comfortable. It´s impossible to hustle and bustle while the sweet, placid [...] more
New design: Fidella Dancing Leaves -spring haze- Fidella prepares for the floral season! Our design Dancing Leaves -spring haze- blooms in new and fresh colours. It shines bright in a powerful green and invites you to a walk - you can smell [...] more
New design: Fidella Star Tile -blue glass- There are real adventures everywhere! You are ready for each baby wrapping adventure with our design Star Tile -blue glass-. Stars, circles and spots in different colours of blue are arranged [...] more
New design: Fidella Mosaic -soft coral- Wrap yourself and your baby 'tessera by tessera'. Go for a long walk enjoying the first sun beams of the year. A perfect summer look in a soft coral colour for gorgeous baby wearing hours. [...] more
New: Fidella Fly Kini - Breast carrier Bathing season will start soon! For that, we designed a gorgeous highlight for you. So, you will be THE eye-catcher at the beach: the Fidella Fly Kini! It is totally made of wrap fabric [...] more
New design: Fidella Music Vibes -biscuit- Put on your head phones and turn the music on! We invite you to the party of your life. Follow the melody, feel how it makes you swing to the music. Music should be everywhere! Piano keys, [...] more
New design: Fidella Triangle Pattern -seafoam- This is a small session of geometry! Little triangles in creamy white on a mintgreen background follow one another. They remind us of white crests on a clear blue ocean and make us spend a [...] more
New design: Fidella Wild Rose -mossy green- 🌹 The Fidella design Wild Rose -mossy green- reminds us of an enchanted garden where wild roses grow. Roses with its filigree tendrils wind their way on the fabric on a mossy green [...] more
New design: Fidella Cupcake Kiss -blueberry- 🍰 Cupcake Kiss -blueberry- is the sweetest seduction ever - not even for little persons with a sweet tooth! The pattern in the popular Pop Art design shows little muffins with a [...] more
New design: Fidella Sea Anchor -maritime blue- Ahoy! 🚢 We are setting the sails and set course for the maritime hustle and bustle á la Fidella. Sea Anchor -maritime blue- shows us the colorful life of the sea. Sea dwellers like [...] more
New design: Fidella Tangram Art -purple- We reinterprete the popular tile-based game! The Fidella Tangram Art arranges triangle shaped forms on a purple background. Black coloured lines emphasize this geometric design. Tangram Art [...] more
New design: Fidella Drops -pinkish sand- Pastel dreams will come true! Large drops meet on a sandy wrap fabric background. This design reminds us of a soft, airy and colourful day! The fabric is made of 100% organic cotton and [...] more
New design: Fidella Masala -golden yellow The colour nuances in warm, golden yellow and natural white sparkle softly - as if you are diving into the beautiful light of a candle. The fabric is made of 100% organic cotton and has a [...] more
New: Fidella Onbuhimo back carrier V2 We proudly present our NEW ONBUHIMO V2 back carrier! The Onbuhimo is an original Japanese baby carrier that is prefered by parents with undecided toddlers because this baby carrier is [...] more
New design: Fidella Tri-Cubes -washed rock- Even men cannot withstand the Fidella® Tri-Cubes -washed rock-! Various cubes in black and white pile up on this baby carrier and remind us of our childhood with our first games console with [...] more
New design: Fidella Iced Butterfly -sparkling rose- with sparkles WITH SPARKLES! Listen to the quiet sounds of witer time. Ice crystals and snow faszinate little ice princesses. Various frost pattern and butterflies welcome winter on our design Iced [...] more
New design: Fidella Gloria -bronze- High-grade, graceful and magnificent - that`s our Gloria -bronze- (limited edition). Our design appears on time for Christmas. The gorgeous pattern with its scrolls in sandy and bronze colours [...] more
New design: Fidella Night Owl -smooth blue- Night Owl - smooth blue - is made for little night owls! Shimmering light and dark blue colours remind you of twilight. The fabric is made of 100% organic cotton and has a surface [...] more
New:  Fidella gift cards are now available Give away a piece of Fidella: with our Fidella gift card. Someone of your friends, a family member or relative is expecting a baby and you don't know what to give away? Or are you still [...] more
New design: Fidella Masala -mauve- Be impressed by our new design Fidella Masala -mauve- with its gorgeous circles, leaves and squiggles, shimmering in bright and beautiful colours! The fabric is made of 100% organic [...] more
New design: Fidella Outer Space -candy rose- The Fidella Outer Space -candy rose- with its bright Pink and soft Rose on a pattern with various stars catches your eye at first glance. This baby carrier accompanies you through the dark [...] more
New design: Fidella Mosaic -stone grey- Fidella Mosaic -stone grey- is really discreet and fits to several of your outfits. Circles in floral ornaments decorate the shimmering blue-slate grey design. The fabric is made of 100% [...] more
New design: Fidella Persian Paisley -orchid- One of the oldest designs in history of fashion decorates this wrap dainty and gallantly. The vigorous colour orchid gives the main points. The fabric is made of 100% organic cotton and [...] more
New design: Fidella Dancing Leaves -autumn sunset- Our new design Dancing Leaves - autumn sunset - rings in the golden season. Large, curved leaves in lovely autumnal colours decorate your baby wrap, while you and your baby are on a walk [...] more
New design: Fidella Chevron -plain umber- Simply elegant Our Fidella Chevron -plain umber- fits perfectly to each of your outfits. The fabric is made of 100% organic cotton and has a surface weight of 205 g/m² . [...] more
New design: Fidella Kaleidoscope -mint- Fidella Kaleidoscope -mint- captivates with its variety and richness of colour and pattern. This lovely and formulated pattern reflects itsself again and again. The fabric is made of [...] more
New design: Fidella Venetian Mask -grey- Carnival wiles us to the picturesque lagoon city Venice. Marvelous beings of majestic beauty ask you to the courtly dance in traditional costumes. The fabric is made of 100% organic [...] more
New design: Fidella Cherry -sorbet- Get the ultimate Rockabilly look! Fruity cherries on a deep red ground whet your appetite to a visit in your favourite ice cream parlour! The fabric is made of 100% organic cotton and [...] more
New design: Fidella Heart Rows -gradient sky- Heart Rows gradient sky makes your heart beat higher! Our baby wrap reminds you of a handwoven wrap because of its special optics. A lot of little hearts are woven into it. The fabric is [...] more
New design: Fidella Zen -super pink- Finally our Zen -super pink- has arrived! The fabric is made of 100% organic cotton and has a surface weight of 216 g/m² . Fidella Zen -super pink- is now available as: [...] more
New designs: Fidella Persian Paisley BATIK -blue-, -skydiver-, -green- and -violet- Finally our Persian Paisley BATIK designs have arrived! The fabric is made of 100% organic cotton and has a surface weight of 212 g/m² . Fidella Persian Paisley BATIK designs are [...] more
New design: Fidella Iced Butterfly -pearl blue- Our Iced Butterfly -pearl blue- has arrived! The fabric is made of 100% organic cotton and has a surface weight of 205 g/m² . Fidella Iced Butterfly -pearl blue- is now available [...] more
New design: Fidella Outer Space -raw denim- SOY We are longing for the stars! We are always searching for new trends. Because of that fact, we dare to surprise you with a combination of our classical design and an exciting mixture of 53 % [...] more
New: Fidella Hip belt Pads Even more comfort while babywearing with our Fidella Hip belt pads! The Fidella hip belt pads can be used as an additional padding at the hip belt of your baby carrier with buckles. Just [...] more
New: Fidella Suck Pads UPGRADE YOUR BABY CARRIER: Our Fidella Suck Pads! Would you like to upgrade your baby carrier according to your individual needs and wishes? With our suck pads made of soft sling fabric this [...] more
New design: Fidella Zen -cappuccino- The arrangement of the Zen stones signify contemplation and meditation. The Fly Tai Toddler Size offers you and your baby a calm anchor, a place of stop and easing. Warm yarn colours [...] more
New design: Fidella Masala -scuba blue- Masala scuba blue is full of embellishing ornaments in powerful coloring in turquoise blue - like the depths of the Indian Ocean. The fabric is made of 100% organic cotton and has a [...] more
New: Fidella Sling bags You would like to wear your favourite design every day but your kids are already grown out of the beabywearing period? Do you already have plans for a shopping trip with your girls? Or are you [...] more
New: Fidella FlyPoD baby carrier The Fidella FlyPoD is a baby carrier without hip belt. Visually it is based on the traditional Korean Podaegi. However, it functionallity is derived from the classical Turkish kind of [...] more
New Fidella babywrap in the Rock n Rolla design Our  rocking  Fidella design  comes in a completely new variation of colors  -pink splash-  for our rocking ladies. But it doesn’t matter if it’s for men or women - Everyone can rock our  [...] more