Overview - About FidellaŽ

At FidellaŽ we believe that our children deserve the best - in every respect. Every day our small team in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, works to win your trust again and again.

FidellaŽ Footprint

We all leave our traces in this world. Let's try to keep our footprint as ecological as possible. #fidellafootprint

Values and philosophy

Based on our great respect for people and our environment, we develop products which you feel comfortable about and designs which you like to surround yourself with.

Retailers in your area

Retailers in your area. No matter where you are right now, the retailers on this list will gladly sell you our products. Retailers from across the world.


Are you on a search for work? Jobs at FidellaŽ, come and be part of something bigger.

Production of the FidellaŽ Babywraps

A brief explanation about the production and manufacturing of our products and where our slings are coming from.